Crack That Sucker Open

In separate interviews, Warren pitched the same set of questions to each candidate. One was: “At what point does a baby get human rights?”Obama, typically, adopted a furrow-browed expression of philosophical concern, and waffled: “Whether you are looking at it from a theological perspective or a scientific perspective, answering that question with specificity, you know, is above my pay grade.’”McCain, in contrast, interrupted before the question was out: “At the moment of conception!” Cue wild applause.

I left the debate at that point and logged on to to re-read a suddenly-more-interesting article posted the previous week by news columnist Ann Woolner.

“It’s impossible for me to know how many abortions I’ve had,” began Woolner. “If asked last week, I would have confidently declared, none. Now, I don’t know. It depends on what the meaning of the word ‘abortion’ is.”

She went on to report that the McCain line on the beginning of life has been anticipated by Bush’s Department of Health and Human Services: the department has just drafted a rule which a McCain administration would presumably try to insert into federal law. This decrees that an abortion has taken place when a contraceptive prevents a fertilised egg from embedding itself in the uterine wall — one of the ways many birth-control pills work. If that’s abortion, millions of women who didn’t know they were pregnant, and who, medically, were not pregnant, have had multiple abortions….(Source)

I bitterly regret keeping my mouth shut over the sham of contraception and its link to abortion for many years.   A few years ago, I saw the light and started to become more vocal in my opposition to contraception – not just as another abortifacient, but as something fundamentally and substantially disordered and evil.

Today, of course, the sacred cow of contraception is being talked about and even questioned.  Once you remove the silence surrounding an issue and expose it for discussion, it’s only a matter of time until the light scatters the darkness.

Contraception will fall. And, when it does, abortion will fall with it.

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  1. Clement of Alexandria wrote,” our whole life can proceed according to God’s perfect plan only if we gain dominion over our desires, practicing continence from the brginning instead of destroying through perverse and pernicious acts human offspring, who are given life by Divine Providence. Those who use abortifacient medicines to hide their fornication cause not only the outright murder of the fetus, but of the whole human race as well.”

    Clement of Alexandria was right as far as the character and justice of Liberal Western Civilization now is concerned. One can look this up in ROMANS 1: !8-32. This is what happens when a country changes its worldview from Christianity to the institutionalized atheism of Darwinian Humanism. I hope our citizens can see the direction this so-called liberalization has taken us and change Canada’s immoral behavior.

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