Boycott the CPC

Whenever you discuss how deficient the CPC is in defending conservative principles, you invariably get the cop-out rejoinder: “Yes, but look who the alternative is!”  — as if pointing to the Liberal Party were some kind of excuse for keeping the current regime in power as the representative of the Right in Canada.  It’s kind of like saying, “See, Fidel is better than Josef.  You don’t want to put Josef in power, do you?”  In other words, it’s better to have a lesser socialist than a greater one.

The problem with this train of thought is that as the ship continues to sink, the argument is perpetually valid. There is, after all, ALWAYS going to be someone to the right of a wackjob leftist. 

So the question is:  are we, as conservatives, content with simply being a hair to the right of a socialist party?  Are we satisfied with simply shifting in this relativistic quagmire so that in a few years time, our conservative policies and principles will be what the Liberal’s Party’s are today? 

Is there no staying power, no anchor to what we believe? Or, instead, are we content with pissing in the wind only to have the wind change course and blow back on us?

I think all conservatives in their heart know that we must stick to what we believe and have the resilence to see it through. While politics will always have some room for compromise, there are issues which are non-negotiables.  The most basic is freedom of speech and expression. If this goes, you can kiss off everything else in this country.  

And yet, what is the so-called right wing party in Canada doing about these very serious encroachments on Free Speech? What is it doing to come to the defense of one of the most prominent and important conservative columnists in the world today?  

Jack shit.

That’s what.

And if they aren’t doing anything about it, perhaps, just perhaps, they weren’t really conservatives to begin with.  If they aren’t willing to go to bat for us, what good are they?  Fidel might be better than Josef, but Fidel is still Fidel. And Fidel is not acceptable.

Harper had his chance to gut the CHRC of liberal influences. He didn’t do it. And now, Mark Steyn and the conservative blogosphere is going to pay a heavy price.  And if we are going to pay a heavy price, we should share the pain with the CPC.

There are two things that politicians in Canada understand today and they are closely interrelated: power and money. That’s the only thing they listen to.

So let’s make them listen: Boycott the CPC. Stop sending them money. Don’t bother writing to the Prime Minister. Simply phone up their head office and tell them why you won’t be sending them one penny until the CPC starts to take Freedom of Speech seriously.

Freedom might not be a universal or important belief to the CPC, but money still is.

2 thoughts on “Boycott the CPC

  1. The CPC is in one of the smallest, if not the smallest, minority positions in Canadian history. No matter how conservative they may want to act, they are severely constrained by the cold hard bonds of reality. Within those constraints, I think the CPC has done a commendable job.

    If they get a majority in the next election, (and you are NOT helping them), I would expect a somewhat different line of action from them, and would THEN withdraw my support if it did not occur.

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