CPC and MSM Should Apologize to Women

For far too long now, the radical feminists, their male pimps, and accommodating politicians have framed abortion in terms of “women’s rights”.

The sad truth, however, is that abortion is not an emancipation at all, but rather an exploitation of women and their femininity. Promising a bright future by “terminating”… ooops… “interrupting” an unplanned pregnancy, the act of abortion does the exact opposite. Severe psychological distress – known as post-abortion syndrome – causes many women to lose hope and leaves many succumbing to serious bouts of depression and thoughts of suicide. The violent crime of abortion on a woman, therefore, is first and foremost a lie. Promising freedom, it entraps women with the memory of the child they sacrificed to the gods of materialism and hedonism.

The ironic thing about abortion is that it is principally men who want to ensure that their own sexual liberation is not impeded. If the pill and condom fail them, they certainly don’t want to be lumbered with the responsibility of raising a child. So the woman is left out to dry.

Option A: Have the child and be left alone by her partner.

Option B: Have the abortion and cope with the physical and psychological consequences for the rest of her life.

What kind of absurd “choices” are these? What kind of “freedom” is this? More to the point, precisely, whose freedom is it? It is the “freedom” pushed by big business (abortionists and pharmaceutical companies who profit from the misery of society’s disordered sexual relations) and the ideology of orgasm without procreation.

Are these the “choices” the Left is so hysterically insistent to protect at all costs?

In truth, these are not choices for women but their chains. We pro-lifers want to break these chains and offer hope. Hope to the women who have not yet decided to terminate, and hope to the women who desperately want to talk about their abortions but are intimidated by a hostile culture, their families, their “friends”, their boyfriends, and most importantly two players in this whole debate that have completely shut down any chance of movement on the abortion question.

The first group are the gutless politicians like the Right Honourable Stephen Harper. Here is a man who, in his thirst for power, has refused to allow the question of abortion to come up in his so-called “conservative” party. We social conservatives are not unreasonable. Nor do we have our heads in the clouds. We understand that it might take years, if not decades, for there to be some legal changes on this question. But we do demand the right to debate it. So far, Stephen Harper has been one humungous disappointment in this area. If he put only 10% of the attention into the unborn as he does into his cats, our country would be far better off. Mr. Harper needs to get his priorities straight and right.

The tragic medical consequences of abortion are well known. Women are suffering horribly because Stephen Harper not only refuses to advance modest pro-life legislation, like basic access to information, but he even refuses to allow his own caucus to put forward private member’s bills.

Mr. Harper and the Conservative Party should therefore apologize to Canadian women for not mandating the pro-abortion industry to give basic information about the health consequences of abortion.

There would be near pandemonium if any government sought to withhold critical health information on ANY particular surgery or procedure. But since it’s the holy grail that is abortion and it’s about maintaining the sexual propaganda of the 1960s, well, it’s totally legit to score cheap political points on the backs of women and unborn children.

What a disgrace.

The second group needing some serious reform is the main stream media. You know the media that I am talking about. They will cover every sort of leftist clap trap you can think of. Ten people could show up for the latest regressive social issue and they would be there doing a two-hour documentary on it. This is especially true of how they frame the whole “women’s rights” issue. Co-opting the phrase, they have used it to advance and sustain the sexual idolatry of the age. It is a woman’s right to know the truth about abortion too. All of it. Not just the glitzy and ditzy idiocy portrayed in Hoarywood.

Women die from “safe and legal abortion” too. They suffer from breast cancer because of abortion. They suffer severe psychological consequences resulting in many other complications like alcoholism. They commit suicide. But do you see the other side of the story from the main stream media? Puleease. The reason is very simple. The main stream media are the abortion industry. Every single major media outlet in this country therefore also owes a solemn apology to women for their failure and refusal to show the truth on this issue and for their gross negligence in failing to listen to what women are telling them about their abortions.

But we won’t be silenced. The truth won’t be silenced. More and more women are coming forward to help others talk about their abortions so the process of healing can begin — without the help, of course, of Stephen Harper or his masters in the Main Stream Media.

2 thoughts on “CPC and MSM Should Apologize to Women

  1. I am sorry that you are so hurt. I hope that you will find solace. In the meantime you are spreading false information and passing your anger to others. I don’t know what they did to you when you were a boy, but I pray for you.

  2. I had an abortion and am completely mentally healthy, happy, and not suffering as a result. In fact, my life is flourishing. Perhaps you should seek more balanced abortion experiences. Although many women do, or have had, negative abortion experiences, many have also have positive ones. Perhaps you should seek a more balanced perspective.

    “The Canadian Cancer Society’s perspective

    At the present time, the body of scientific evidence does not support an association between abortion and increased breast cancer risk.

    We base this perspective on the findings from a workshop of over 100 of the world’s leading experts who study pregnancy and breast cancer risk. The workshop was organized by the US National Cancer Institute and it took place in 2003. The experts reviewed existing human and animal studies on the relationship between pregnancy and breast cancer risk. Among their conclusions were:
    * induced abortion is not associated with an increase in breast cancer risk
    * spontaneous abortion (miscarriage) is not associated with an increase in breast cancer risk”

    from http://www.cancer.ca

    Stop lying to women. Whatever your views on abortion are, it’s never right to outright MAKE SHIT UP. You know?

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