Cover Letter on Response to CCCB

October 5, 2009

Sent by Email to the Socon or Bust E-mail List and to the Bishops of Canada

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Late last week, the Canadian Bishops posted a news item on their website entitled “Professor Richard R. Gaillardetz responds to attacks“.  The source of these “attacks” was a collection of credible critiques which I posted on Socon or Bust of Dr. Gaillardetz’s theological and moral positions at variance with Catholic teaching and pastoral practice. This theologian has been asked by the Cdn. Conf. of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) to speak at its plenary session this Oct.19-23.  You can read the CCCB communication and Dr. Gaillardetz’s letter in response here.

I have now posted my three-part rebuttal to Dr. Gaillardetz’s letter, along with a letter from Dr. Robert Fastiggi, Professor of Systematic Theology at Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit, essentially maintaining his strong critiques of Dr. Gaillardetz’s problematic positions.

Here are the respective links:

Dr. Fastiggi Responds to Gaillardetz’s Letter

All Gaillardetz’s Glitter is Not Gold (Part 1)

All Gaillardetz’s Glitter is Not Gold (Part 2) 

All Gaillardetz’s Glitter is Not Gold (Part 3)

Readers can access the other articles, leading up to this exchange by visiting this link (the oldest posts are at the bottom of this index page): Inviting Dissent: The Gaillardetz Visit

As we all know, the Catholic Bishops of Canada are in a crisis on many fronts. The Development & Peace Abortion Scandal, the Child Porn Scandal involving Bishop Lahey, and now this scandal of inviting a self-admitted dissenter to address them at their plenary session.

We must fervently pray that the Bishops recover the meaning of what it means to be a Bishop and Spiritual Father for their children, guardians of the Faith and of the Eucharist.

The Bishops of this country need to recognize their responsibility in ushering in the culture of death when they issued the Winnipeg Statement, the pastoral document which told Catholics that they could practice contraception “in good conscience”

All of the above scandals relate to contraception, in some form or another. It is the foundational issue to EVERY SOCIAL MALADY that we have in this country. In the case of the porn scandal, one need only realize that porn could not survive without recourse to contraception. 

Archbishop Anthony Mancini of Halifax, Nova Scotia said something very significant last week in regards to the scandal. He said,  “So, honestly, part of my concern is, is there anyone left that we can believe“, he said. I think many will see this as something that will make the Church less credible than we are.”

Indeed, the trust that contraception broke down between husband and wife, between parents and their children, and between the laity and the priesthood is now beginning to divide the Episcopacy itself.  I warned of this some time ago in this blog post on the Development & Peace Abortion Scandal.

Once again and for the “upteenth” time, I call on the bishops of this country to repent, to repudiate the Winnipeg Statement by name, and to vigorously teach the truths contained in Humanae Vitae.

The soft opposition to, and complicity in, the culture of contraception is what got us all into this mess.

Do the bishops of this country have the courage and the humility to repent about the real issue?  Or are we just going to hear useless talk about re-organizations, reshuffling, and recycling instead of repenting.

Time is running out (quite literally)…for the bishops, the Church’s unity…and for the future of our country itself.

Turn back now.

In our Sovereign Lord and King!

John Pacheco

The Rosarium


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