Courts and Liberal Sex

There was a time when a man interested in a woman signaled it by sitting in a room with her parents, chatting cheerfully while they passed judgment on whether he would be allowed to speak to her in a less formal setting. It was suffocating and restrictive but at least everyone knew the rules. If there are rules now, they are clearly not widely understood. In at least one of the Ottawa cases, that of Massimo Pacetti, the allegations appear to turn on what constitutes “consent.” The woman, we are told, provided a condom, but didn’t view that as “consent.” Whatever else may have transpired, it seems possible that Mr. Pacetti might have reasonably interpreted the signals otherwise. The courts are still passing judgment on that sort of issue, and when courts get involved it’s further evidence that rules aren’t understood. (Source)

This is not a conservative problem.  We believe sex belongs in marriage only.  Having the State intrude and rule on the nuances of casual sex involving a condom and whether it constitutes consent is a problem of the sexual revolution that liberals need to deal with.

Ironic, isn’t it?  “Having the State in the bedrooms of the nation” was always thought to be a conservative hangup.    Now it’s like the big poster boy for the Courts and the Sexual Revolution.

Maybe we conservatives should use Trudeau’s line in trying to get people to wake up and keep the judges away from the bedrooms by encouraging real, authentic, and faithful sex — the only sex that really matters and gives meaning to life.

One thought on “Courts and Liberal Sex

  1. Our Democratic Canadian, and the rest of Western Civilization is no longer Christian in Government,Law,Education or Entertainment.The School Lord’s Prayer was declared unconstitutional in the 1960’s by Prominent so-called “neutral” Secular Pagans with The help of The Secular Pagan Western Supreme Court, Government,and Education Establishment majorities.This so-called Politically Correct Secular ideology has led to Political Tyranny, by decree.Schoolchildren are now indoctrinated by adult secular teachers,and homosexual etc.,activists into the tenets of Secular Paganism.Before this State Sanctioned Worldview shift Canadian and Western Civilizations School Teachers led their students in The Lord’s Prayer every school morning,and The Ten Commandments were on Government Buildings,Education Establishment,Courthouse Walls,and in the majorities hearts and minds. Today our so-called “neutral”Secular Pagan professionals have been molded in Secular Schools to be driven by a Secular Worldview/Religion.This Secular Pagan Worldview/Religion is entirely alien to the Christian Biblical Standards of truth,justice,morality,mercy or integrity.Like Pagan Rome before it,s conversion to Christianity, Secular Democratic Pagans politically persecute real Christians.In democracies this can only be overturned by the voting publics will.When Paganism controls Western Civilizations Government,Law, Education and Worldview/Religion as it did in Pagan Greece, and Pagan Rome,then it takes some political organization by real Christians to convince others to come out of this unhealthy so-called neutral Secular Paganism in our Democracy.

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