Court ruling in case of lesbian vs. Christian Horizons is schizophrenic at best

The courts continue to insist that Christians must live “in the closet”. 

To summarize this case quickly: a ministry called Christian Horizons used to require all their employees to sign a declaration to not engage in immoral activity, including homosexual relationships, as a condition of employment.  One of their employees, who had signed the declaration in 1995, was fired in 2000 when she entered such a relationship.  She filed a human rights complaint in 2008 and won (surprise, surprise). 

Christian Horizons appealed to a real court, which sort of overturned the ruling.  Kinda.  The judge ruled that a Christian ministry has the right to include a code of conduct as part of its job requirements. Sounds like a victory for Christian Horizons, right?  But the judge went on to say that the ministry should not have fired the lesbian.  Huh? 

So let me get this straight:  you can have a Christian code of conduct as a condition of employment, but you can’t apply it when somebody violates it?  That’s as crazy as have a Criminal Code but not allowing the cops to enforce it.  Or having a Canon Law with bishops that don’t enforce it.  Oh, wait a minute…

The bottom line is that the courts won’t let Christians behave like Christians outside their church walls.  Read more about this issue in this article from the National Post.  I really enjoyed one of the comments posted by a reader named Angelopeter under the article:

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