Couple abstained for 19 months for love of Eucharist

“Sex is not a need. It is a wonderful gift God gave us. We don’t die if we don’t have it.”

Teens in the St. Cecilia youth group were fascinated. The choice sparked a lot of conversations.

Someone should fill in Cardinal Kasper about REAL CATHOLIC WITNESS like this couple just gave.

In fact, they should be asked to give a presentation to the Synod, and explain to Cardinal Kasper and the rest of the bishops that mastery over one’s passions and true love *is* attainable by God’s grace.

You see, folks, outside of the issue of sex and blessing adultery, the real theological issue here is that Cardinal Kasper does not believe that grace is sufficient to overcome any situation we face in life.

It goes beyond marriage, to trusting God’s word.  THAT is the problem with Kasperism.

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