Counter Revolution on Abortion

OTTAWA, July 9, 2008 ( – “Revoke the award, absolutely no question – but it is not enough,” said spokesperson Angelina Steenstra. Today, in front of the Governor General’s residence, a thousand people gathered to protest the Order of Canada award to Henry Morgentaler, and the conflictive interest with the revocation process.

Although cloudy, hot and humid, no rain fell on the demonstrators who held signs reading: REVOKE, “We Desire A Better Country” and “Henry Morgentaler made a killing off our generation please don’t honor him”.  Banners read: “Abortion is a crime against humanity.”

The crowd was calm and subdued.  There was a significant media presence as well.

Steenstra, speaking on behalf of Campaign Life Coalition, and as co-founder of “Silent No More Awareness”, a post-abortion outreach, stated that, “… the very advisory council that recommended Henry Morgentaler receive the award, also evaluates requests for its revocation. That is unacceptable; this obvious conflict of interest must change….”

I’ve been sick the past few days and am only starting to come out of it now. In fact, it’s been a tough time in the Pacheco household. All of my girls got a bad case of coldsores all through their mouths. Their gums are very sore and red.  I would appreciate your prayers for my family and especially for my wife who has had to shoulder the brunt of all our sicknesses.

As a result of my being sick, I was not able to attend the Morgentaler-Order of Canada protest.  I hear it went off spectacularly.  While it is still too early to predict a genuine pro-life revolution, I sense that momentum is starting to build as more and more Order of Canada recipients turn in their awards.  Canadians are beginning rethink the prudence of awarding Morgentaler the Order of Canada, as they are rethinking the whole issue of abortion as well.

Is there any chance that the Governor General will do the honourable thing and revoke the award?  No.  There is virtually no chance of that.  However, as the pressure continues to build, and these feminist elites continue to ignore the majority  of Canadians, a grassroots backlash could start to take root which would form the basis of a genuine re-evaluation of the abortion issue.  That’s my hope.  I hope that the Jean sticks to her guns and helps launch a counter revolution on abortion.

One thought on “Counter Revolution on Abortion

  1. Canada will be only as good as the citizens in it. If everyone lived their personal lives according to the Moral Law, we would not have as many problems. The Law acts as a great teacher. Good laws invite good behavior and bad ones invite bad behavior. If we are to leave our children a healthy, just, safe and productive country, we must elect or run for office ourselves, and not be afraid to legislate the morality that shapes our society. If we don’t , others will continue to legislate immorality, such as abortion, institutionalized atheism, the evolving society living tree interpretation of Law, and giving Henri Morgentaler the Order Of Canada etc. That great politician Edmund Burke said it best,” The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

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