Corruption Knowing No Bounds

PAGE 255:

13 THE CHAIRPERSON: I said, people

14 should not publish this on the Internet. On the other 15 hand, we were not using court reporting services, we16 just have the audio recording of this, so I’m not

17 publishing it in any other way.

PAGE 341: 

6 MR. FROMM: I’m just wondering,

7 considering that through this entire hearing

8 transcripts are being provided.


10 MR. FROMM: I was wondering, do you

11 the power, sir, I believe to order a written transcript

12 and provide it to the parties at this hearing.

13 THE CHAIRPERSON: My understanding

14 based on complicated arrangements in Public Works and

15 so on that we cannot do that, not from the Tribunal

16 side of it.

17 Have you had the opportunity to use

18 the audio system; Mr. Fromm, that we have in place now,

19 because it’s quite user friendly? I’m relying on it

20 quite extensively. There’s a software that attaches to

21 your computer and you’re able to scroll through it.

22 We will not have transcripts. It

23 will not prevent you from referring me — I think I saw

24 it some of the material that was filed, but I think Mr.

25 Lemire had written something with Ms Kulaszka where he


PAGE 342:

1 said that on such date at such time this is what the

2 witness said, and that’s a perfectly legitimate way to

3 put the information in front of us.

4 It’s only been for this evidence of

5 today in this case. I believe all the other evidence

6 in this case was transcribed, but for a couple of

7 conference calls.

8 So, it’s not within my power. My

9 understanding is, no, we cannot order that, not for the

10 purpose of being shared with the parties.

11 Nothing prevents any of you from

12 getting this audio transcribed yourselves in any formal

13 or informal way. This is how it’s done in the courts

14 and this is how it’s done here.

15 MR. CHRISTIE: Not even money?

16 THE CHAIRPERSON: I’m sorry, not even

17 one?

18 MR. CHRISTIE: Not even money I said.

19 Nothing prevents you from having it transcribed, not

20 even money.


PAGE 343:

12 I hereby certify the foregoing

13 to be the Canadian Human Rights

14 Tribunal hearing, T1073/5405,

15 held on March 25, 2008, at

16 Ottawa, Ontario, transcribed to

17 the best of my skill and ability

18 from digital audio recorded by

19 the Canadian Human Rights

20 Tribunal.

24 Beverley Dillabough

25 tified Shorthand Reporter


Imagine my surprise when, today, I received a copy of a beautifully-transcribed court report of the March 25th hearing. I received it — but Marc Lemire and his lawyer have not.

I got it from a reporter who had received it from the CHRC itself. How did he get it? Did he make an Access to Information request? Did he pull a Jadewarr, and hack into the CHRC’s computer and steal it?

No. He got it because a CHRC spin doctor called him up, and tried to spin his newspaper that the CHRC wasn’t all that bad. He tried to show how the CHRC really hadn’t gone online under a pseudonym to post bigoted comments — even though the CHRC has admitted to doing so a half dozen times, under oath. The CHRC spin doctor used the transcript as “proof”.

Today I have more evidence of their corruption.

As I noted in March, the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal hearing into the abusive and corrupt investigatory practices of the CHRC was not transcribed by a court reporter — unlike every single other day in the Warman v. Lemire case. The one day when the CHRC was on the defensive was the one day that the respondent — and any interested members of the public or reporters — had to make do with their own notes. The Tribunal made an audio recording of the hearing, which is next to useless in terms of searching for key words, skimming pages, etc.

If you’re having trouble grasping the corruption and abuse of process here, imagine a criminal matter. An accused criminal — let’s make it murder — is on trial. He alleges that he’s been framed by the police. On that one day, the court reporter is given the day off — the one day where police tactics are scrutinized and shown to be corrupt.

The police make a transcript, but don’t give it to the accused — who is thereby impaired in his ability to mount a defence. His ability to file an appeal if he’s convicted — by pointing out police corruption — is undermined. The police don’t given him a copy — but they give it to reporters, on the sly, while they trash talk the accused.

Any criminal prosecutor would be disciplined for such unethical practices; the case itself would be jeopardized because the fairness of the trial would be in question. It’s not about whether the accused is guilty or not; it’s bigger than that; it’s about whether or not we, as a society, believe that justice should be done and should be seen to be done. It’s about whether or not the prosecution has the necessary standards of morality that should come with their awesome powers. It’s not even for the accused murderer that we have these rules. It’s for ourselves. (Ezra


I remember when the Tribunal judge said that there would be no transcript.  I think I also remember him saying it was because the Tribunal was trying to save a few bucks by having it available on audio only. 

This is pretty outrageous stuff.

Why was this transcript never provided to the respondent, Marc Lemire, as is the proper procedure in real courts? Isn’t that basic legal protocol to ensure justice is served?

Why were the proceedings transcribed on TRIBUNAL LETTERHEAD (see page 1) if the transcript was commissioned by the CHRC?

More commentary here.

4 thoughts on “Corruption Knowing No Bounds

  1. “Why were the proceedings transcribed on TRIBUNAL LETTERHEAD (see page 1) if the transcript was commissioned by the CHRC?”

    As we see, there appears to be no difference between the Tribunal and the Commission. Complainant, investigator, policy maker, prosecutor, judge and jury. And now spin doctor. – all rolled into one.


  2. Don’t forget how hard the CHRC fought against allowing public access to the transcripted hearing in the first place. Considered in that context, the CHRC has no claim to impartiality, or administrative fairness. Would anyone notice its absence? Pathetic!

  3. “CHRC has no claim to impartiality, or administrative fairness. Would anyone notice its absence? Pathetic!”

    Just about everyone would actually cheer as they were frog marched out of their plushy offices.

    The CJC would exeriance a drop in revenue for it’s “expert witnessed”

    And once a Royal Commission establishes wrong doing and criminal charges are laid – we will all sleep a little sounder.

  4. They should be charged with this debauchery of our justice system.

    The excrement just keeps getting deeper.

    Good catch socon it’s a lot of reading,….

    They need top be destroyed don’t worry guys theres still section 319 of the criminal code ie real laws.

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