Corrupt Bishops Weakening the Faith



It’s time for these national conferences to be canonically disbanded. It needs to be done in order to stop the filth which they spread…on both sides of the border.

We need to let the bishops be the FATHERS they were meant to be instead of mere altar boys of these bureaucracies who make the decisions for them.

It’s time to grow a pair, I’d say.


3 thoughts on “Corrupt Bishops Weakening the Faith

  1. Is it time for me to respectfully start writing our bishops and respectfully start asking questions about the elephant in the room? Doesn’t anyone visit

  2. When I write my Archbishop I stay on topic and keep it polite and formal. What I get in return is a short ‘note’ from his office saying “the Archbishop is aware of your concerns” sometimes I don’t even get a short note!

    Sometimes I check the Archdiocese website hoping to see an open letter from my Archbishop addressing the ongoing D&P problems. Instead I read about fund raisers for D&P.

    I need a plan B.

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