Copts Defend Christian Moral Teaching In Our Schools Because Our Bishops Won’t

TORONTO, Ontario, July 29, 2011 ( – The Coptic Orthodox Churches in Toronto are threatening to withdraw 4,000 families from the Toronto Catholic District School Board if it does not amend its controversial equity policy to protect Catholic teaching in the schools. According to one expert in Ontario education, if the threat were carried out, the board could lose upwards of $40,000,000 in annual public funding, and over 150 teachers….

God Bless the Copts!  At least they (who are not even Catholic) are sticking up for what’s right.  I’m loving this line too:

Fr. Attaalla wrote in his letter, which was addressed to Director of Education Ann Perron, that they will withdraw their children “if the requested amendments are not implemented.”  He said the amendments are “faithful to the teachings of the Catechism of the Catholic Church.”

Well, since our Catholic bishops who permitted this atrocity aren’t defending Catholic moral teaching and citing the Catechism like this Orthodox priest is, we can at least thank our brethren in the Orthodox faith to do it. 

Why aren’t the Catholic bishops of this province defending the Catholic schools against the homosexualist assault?

I think we are at a point where we, as parents, should be asking every bishop some very straight questions about where their sexual allegiances lie.  We should also be asking them, point blank, why they think that abdicating their responsibility to defend the innocence of our children still guarantees our allegiance to them.

If they aren’t going to defend the Catholic faith, then perhaps it’s time for them to examine their consciences and step aside, if necessary.

If the bishops are going to be merely figureheads and we can’t trust them to protect and teach the Catholic faith, then what’s the point?

Might as well go online to learn what Rome teaches about the Faith or check up on some solid bishop in the backwaters of Louisiana, from time to time.  That’s what it’s coming to.

Unfortunately our bishops haven’t figured this salient truth out yet:  just because you don’t rock the boat with McGuinty doesn’t mean there’s not going to be fallout.  There will be and the first victim of that fallout is something called credibility….something they don’t have anymore.

“But look, Buckwheat!  It says “Catholic School” right on the wall there. And since the bishop says so, it must be Catholic.  Who are you gonna believe? – The bishop or…some blogger?” 😯

9 thoughts on “Copts Defend Christian Moral Teaching In Our Schools Because Our Bishops Won’t

  1. The bishops didn’t protect our kids from predator priests, and they still aren’t protecting them from those who want to rape their souls.

    In some sick way, I almost hope that the Ontario bishops *don’t* take corrective action following the Coptics’ complaint because it would mean that they only care about the money and not about the good of our kids.

  2. I’m glad to learn Latin Rite Catholic parents have the Coptics to ban together with against the Toronto Catholic District School Board. Too bad, but no surprise, our bishops have proven themselves useless, again.

    On a side note, the Archdiocese of Vancouver is once again trying to score funds for D & P. Surprised? Not.

  3. This is reason # 4,850 to homeschool your children. It is past disappointing that the Catholic bishops have been derelict in their duty on this issue. If Catholics only realized the power that they have as a group. The Coptics are showing us the strength of that power right now. God bless the Coptic clergy!
    (can’t wait to hear the spin that the CBC will put on this development.)

  4. Orthodox Christians are not permitted under the Education Act to attend Ontario’s publicly-funded elementary Catholic Schools. Those who attend must be “in union with Rome.”

    So, what’s up here?

  5. And speaking of homeschooling – I have a lot of school books that I want to give away because the last of my children is off to university. So if anyone knows someone who wants them, please contact me.

  6. regarding who can attend a Catholic school in Ontario, a poster named Fr Anthony Hannon said this in the comments at lifesitenews: Up until grade 8 a baptised Catholic is guaranteed a spot. If there is room any student regardless of baptism may be enrolled. With a declining birthrate and the fact that the schools get paid based on the number of students enrolled, most Catholic elementary schools have many non Catholics attending. The only way that a non Catholic would be refused is if that particular school was over full. At the high school level there is no guarantee for baptised Catholics and anyone can enrol.

  7. I agree 100% with Pacheco. How come McGuinty can call himself a Catholic and receive Communion? Our children are being abused by secular leaders with the concurrence of our religious leaders. Meanwhile, our fearless leaders traipse around the world on our dime, pontificating as they go but refusing to address the real problems. The pretense of a Catholic school system should be either put to rest or revised. In my parish, none of the teachers at the Catholic school across the street from the Church attend mass or anything else.

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