Cops at Carleton acted like thugs from a banana republic; let’s contact the mayoral candidates

I’m not usually one for criticizing the cops, but I just watched the video of our pro-life friends being arrested.  I am not impressed.

In the first 2 minutes, the pro-lifers express solid and valid legal arguments to defend their right to protest on campus:

  • The Charter of Rights and Freedoms gives them a general right to freedom of speech.
  • The Students Rights and Responsibilities Act gives them specific rights, as tuition paying students at Carleton University, to protest on campus.
  • Jurisprudence has confirmed these rights in previous court cases.

Those students were well prepared!

The job of the cops is to enforce the laws, so you’d think these arguments would be important to them.  So how does the lead police officer respond to these legal arguments?  At 2:05 of the video, when the students have finished presenting their arguments, you see police officer have an awkward pause.  Clearly he was stumped and caught off guard by the arguments.  Then he flashes a condescending smile and says “Anyway, your choice”.  In other words, he’s saying “Whatever!”  He’s thus totally ignoring and discarding the argumentation presented to him.  In between the lines, he’s essentially saying: “I don’t care about your arguments.  The guy in the suit told me to arrest you so I’m gonna haul you away if you don’t obey me.”

That was pathetic.  Shame on the Ottawa Police.

As a law-enforcement officer, his duty is to enforce the law and not be the puppet of the guy in the suit.  He must show enough independence from both sides to make an honest assessment of the legality of what he’s witnessing.  In case of doubt, he must give the defendants the benefit of the doubt (innocent until proven guilty, right?) until he has a chance to call headquarters and verify whether an offense is actually being committed.

Instead, he let himself be manipulated by the suit.  Disgraceful.

He doesn’t even hide it!  His only “rebuttal” to the students is:  “You’ve been advised by the Director of Safety and Security here, uh, we are acting as his support, he has requested the support of the Ottawa Police.”  So what?  If no crime is being committed, I don’t care if the Prime Minister asked for your assistance.  You can’t arrest innocent people.

At this point, Ruth Lobo comes back with her strongest arguments as described above.  She actually pulls out a binder and quotes the law in front of the cops! She also quotes the University’s own policies upholding freedom of speech and reiterates her rights to criticize the University and society at large.

How does the cop respond?  He becomes more forceful, apparently because he realizes that Ruth is humiliating him badly in front of the cameras.  He says: “Okay, that’s fine.  So you’ve criticized the university and, okay, we’ve made our point. Again, now, this is over”, as he waves his hand over the signs.

Did you get that?  They’ve already had their protest and they’ve already made their point. Their right to protest was limited to the 3 minutes that the cops allowed them until they arrested them.  Funny how that works, isn’t it?

And that was the end of it.  The handcuffs came out and the goonery began.

We should raise this with the mayoral candidates ASAP and get their reactions to this disgrace. If elected Mayor, what will you do to protect freedom of speech from police abuse?  The election is in about 2 weeks.  We need to know NOW.

6 thoughts on “Cops at Carleton acted like thugs from a banana republic; let’s contact the mayoral candidates

  1. Yesterday, I raised this very issue with my local councillor who has forwarded my protest/complaint to the Ottawa Police Service.

    For this to happen in the nation’s capital sets a chilling precedent.

  2. I just heard about this last night through my husband who had read it in the Citizen. I wonder if the local talk shows so ready to hold opinion shows on the latest current events are going to feature this unfortunately predictable atrocity.

    I lament I expected this sooner then later, and now that it has happened I am
    only left with the greatest admiration for Ruth and the others who stand up for Truth and the Sanctity of Life in the midst of a nation that has no justice.

    I dread what is going to happen to Canada if the people refuse to listen.

    We must PRAY, PRAY, and PRAY until it hurts and then pray some more.

    God Bless and Be with you, Ruth and all who refuse to back down to lies
    and threats of the ignorant and proud people, who when faced with the Truth become angry at their own guilt and refusal to make right what is so
    horribly, horribly wrong and killing our country, and our very world.

    Perhaps if more people were willing to make such sacrifices (US!!!) then God would be moved and see we are serious, (“If my people would only
    pray, and turn from their ways, then I…”)

    Blessed Mother Mary Queen of the Most Holy Rosary, please hear our cry on behalf of your Son and our most Holy Savior, to have Mercy and convert the hearts of those who don’t and won’t see.

    Good St. Joseph and all the Holy Angels in Heaven please come to our aid,
    and finally… Father God , Blessed Jesus and Glorious Holy Spirit forgive us
    and come to our aid.

    Frances Wilkinson

  3. I’m not in agreement with you, shaming on Ottawa Police. I do not believe that they abused their authority. I watched the video and you could tell, the police who arrested Ruth was actually reluctant in doing so.

    It’s not the Police’s main job to interpret the law. Their main job is to enforce the law. The university had obviously called the police for help. The police, as it is their job, naturally came to the rescue to see what’s going on. They had 2 options: to arrest or not to arrest. Either or, someone will not be happy: the University officials or the Pro-lifers. It’s a lose-lose situation for the Police.

    If the police didn’t arrest Ruth, the police will be criticized by the University. I actually think this gave the Pro-lifers a louder voice. I say, great job guys. I give them props for what they’ve done. They are smart and intelligent students. I applaud them.

    But easy on the police. They did nothing wrong in my opinion. I bet you they police had a good, long, extended discussion on this issue. I bet you many of them are pro-lifers themselves. And some are not. The police force is not composed of robots who all think the same.

    Shame on the university officials for this oppression of freedom of expression. (It reminds me a little bit of Ann Coulter at Ottawa U).

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