One thought on “Converting to Christ in Turkey: “Willing to pay the price”

  1. Our society trusted our Triune God in Government,Law,and Education,where our school teachers led students in The Lord’s Prayer each school morning.The Ten Commandments were on Government,Courthouse and Schoolhouse Walls,and in societies minds.Sex Education was dating,courtship and waiting until faithful marriage to one female.This all ended starting in 1962 with The Supreme Court declaring Christianity and The Lord’s Prayer unconstitutional.A new Worldview-Religion of so-called “neutral” Secular Paganism was thus introduced into former Christian Democracies.The majority of our democratic professionals and their followers swallowed this hook line and sinker,and now children are perverted as human rights by their so-called “neutral” secular school teachers and homosexual etc.,activists.No fault divorce which promoted adultery was legalized,and here we are in our Pagan Democratic Christless Culture of death. Let’s not export this kind of morbidity masquerading as Christianity.We ought to take back our democratic countries politically before we let Christ be mocked further here at home,don’t you think?Obviously Americans,Canadians and Europeans are not willing to pay the price are they,our fearless leader?

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