Converting Denmark into a Muslim Country

We social conservatives who oppose contraception (and we are a minority in social conservatism), won’t really be able to tell the liberals and the unconverted social conservatives “we told you so”.


Because when the critical tipping point comes (which in some countries like Denmark, for instance, the tipping point has come), there won’t be enough liberals or “social conservatives” to matter. They’ll be a small ghetto, representative of the .5 kids they averaged in their lifetimes.  The jig will be up and there will be no point in trying to get these people to wake up because they won’t matter politically or demographically.  Our “negotiation” will not be with a drugged-up, sexed-up post Christian population but with the Shariah gang.

The Liberals are very content to destroy and bankrupt the last vestiges of Western civlization and they really don’t care that “future” liberals (however dwindling that number may be) will be dhimmis.  As long as they get their sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll now, who cares about tomorrow?

When you don’t have children, why should you look beyond the next sterile sexual encounter?

One thought on “Converting Denmark into a Muslim Country

  1. We’ve already seen that Muslims aren’t inclined in any significant numbers to convert to secularism. That myth has been busted. The last stand for the survival of the West will hinge on the success or failure ofd converting Muslims in the West to Christianity.

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