Conversion through the Miraculous Medal

The priest and the sheriff assumed Claude’s reaction was that of joy because he was not going to be executed. However Claude said, “But you don’t understand! If you ever saw Her face, and looked into Her eyes, you wouldn’t want to live another day!”

Two take-aways from this incredible story:

1. Hell exists and there is a place just for you, with your name on it.

2. No matter all the crap that happens in our lives, if we turn it over to God, He can do absolutely amazing things with it.

Do you wear a Miraculous Medal?  I wear a rather large one that was given to me as a gift, during the Humanae Vitae Conference that I helped organize back in 2006.

One thought on “Conversion through the Miraculous Medal

  1. In August 2005 I fell off the roof of my house onto my back deck. Wearing my miraculous medal I landed on my back and suffered a shattered vertebrae. I came within centimetres of being a paraplegic or breaking my neck or landing on steps which would have probably killed me. I attribute my survival and healing to the miraculous medal and our Blessed Mother’s intercession.
    Thank you for posting this most moving story.

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