Contrast and Compare

The difference is that the guy on the right was a courtier of the episcopal court and a man of social justice…popular, powerful, a “devout Catholic” with the right connections to the Princes of the Church, and a man of the people.¬† The guy on the left didn’t have those credentials…so he got the shaft on the Church¬†funeral.

But they stood for the same damn thing in the end…and, from what I hear, both were unrepentant till the end.

Heads of the Church have often been narcissists, flattered and thrilled by their courtiers.” – Pope Francis

One thought on “Contrast and Compare

  1. Bad comparison on many levels.
    He was a soldier ordered to kill during war. He didn’t get the funeral because of his political views on revisionist history. Read ‘The Devil’s Chemists’ if you want to go down that rabbit hole. Very uncharitable on the Church’s part, but hey, no funeral for Jesus either there would be.

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