Contrast and Compare

What’s the difference here between the Left and the Right, aside from their political affiliation?

The guy on the Left gets slobbered over by the Catholic Church on his death, while the woman on the right got peanuts.

Both were pro-abortion, although Lady Thatcher was much less so.

If you’re on the Left, you can expect the carpet to be rolled out, but if you’re on the right, death is a very private affair indeed.

Either way, the Catholic Church and its official representatives should say NOTHING AT ALL or at the very least make sure that it isn’t just another cheerleader in the secular parade.  It should calmly and charitably point out how that person departed from the moral truths which demanded to be upheld in our time, so as to not confuse the Faithful and the world with the (anti-God) cult of  man that it is helping to erect.   Is that so much to ask?


2 thoughts on “Contrast and Compare

  1. The man on the left was able to forgive his the people that kept him locked up for 27 years. You so called “christians” are not so charitable.

    “Both were pro-abortion, although Lady Thatcher was much less so”

    Is this not like “slightly pregnant” LOL

    Thank you for confirming my suspicions about “christian” character…or lack of.

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