6 thoughts on “Contraception War

  1. I am not Canadian and as I have often said, I don’t have a dog in this fight. And most of my comments are in sharp disagreement with your authors.

    But I want to commend you for printing all my critical replies and the courtesies you have extended this old railroad man.

    Bill T

  2. Bill my friends switched for awhile going through college. When they finished work they gave the engineer the OK to highball signal. We rented a house near the switching yards and conductors, trainmen, engineers and yardmasters visited regularly.
    The Kinsey Sex Education that is taught now in Western Civilization as a Human Right, and Social Justice, by Government decree and Court enforcement is destroying young minds starting from Kindergarten. What kind of people elect politicians who pass Bills to make such laws?

  3. Probably education majors. And the BNA act (sorry, Constitution Act of 1867) is a recipe for entanglement of Church and State.

  4. These are Hitlers words inscribed over one of the gas ovens in Auschwitz,” I want to raise a generation of young people devoid of a conscience, imperious, relentless and cruel.” He accomplished his goal through his Education Establishments. The Nazi Government and Supreme Court passed over 400 Laws Legalizing Nazi policies.

    Of all The Social Engines The School is the most efficacious. Without the proper moral instruction civilized man is turned back almost into a savage. Why is love without meaning( Kinsey Sex Education) and murder without guilt (Abortion) being taught to Canadian Schoolchildren from Kindergarten as a human right and social justice, by corrupt politicians who pass rotten Bills into Canadian Laws? What kind of people vote for these?

    After the Second World War, The Nuremberg Military Tribunal indicted ten Nazi Leaders for encouraging and compelling Abortions, which it considered” Crimes Against Humanity ”,even in spite of the fact that the Nazi Government and Supreme Court had passed Laws legalizing Nazi policies.
    Trials of War Criminals, Nuremberg Military Tribunal, Washington,DC:USGPO,Volume IV,Page 610.

  5. Gerry: Quoting Hitler does not legitimize your argument. In fact you come off as sounding a little, well “off”. Just sayin’

  6. Why? Hitler is more relevant today in the West than ever. Mass extermination of a class of human beings, Eugenics and attacks on religious freedom are 3 of his legacies that are coming back in vogue.

    Stick around and you’ll see more of his policies instituted with just about the same ferocity. Just give it another 10 years and we’ll be in full swing.

    Read the Pink Swastika and you’ll also have a eureka moment about the Nazi Party (which was started in a Gay Bar) and the gay movement.

    These silly paradigms that you have been fed on the Left really do need to be poked and prodded if you want to debate intelligently.

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