Contraception is the Cause

Don’t bother talking about homosexuality or gay “marriage”.   Like abortion, homosexuality had its foundation in contraception.  Without contraception, abortion and homosexuality simply would not work or exist.

Just like the loss of “religious freedom” won’t be about freedom at all…but about contraception.  Overturn contraception, and the other things will fall over.  Don’t bother debating the next great step in our social experiment. It’s so irrelevant and unnecessary.  The moment you’ve begun to debate any of these other issues or the future ones that will come is the moment you’ve already lost the debate.

A Corruption of the Image of God

Contraception is the foundation for all of the social ills and problems our culture is experiencing since it ends up providing the beachhead for the war on the family. Along with abortion and pornography, same-sex “marriage” did not mysteriously appear. It found its footing in contraception since homosexual acts are also contraceptive in nature. Once the culture accepted the principle that heterosexual contraception was licit, it was only a matter of time before homosexual acts which are the logical extension of heterosexual contraception would also be accepted. Man cannot live in a contradiction for long. Either he will accept further evil to remain consistent with the first evil or he will revert back to his original view. But there cannot be two opposing rules for too long. If a heterosexual can have contraceptive sex, well, then, so can homosexuals. Both acts are unnatural and both acts are closed to life. It took same-sex “marriage” nearly forty years to enter Canadian society after contraception was legalized, but it happened. Indeed, if there has been a coherent and direct explanation of how same-sex “marriage” appeared virtually over night, it has not been explained very much or very convincingly to the Canadian public by those who believe contraception is benign.

How can we say that contraception has led to the recognition of gay sex? Contraception removes what makes a woman who she is – her fertility. And when one removes fertility from a woman during sex, one makes her – in a certain sense – another man. That is how, psychologically and morally, our culture has been able to slide into accepting same-sex “marriage”, as its collective attitude and consciousness toward homosexuality was weakened by its acceptance of contraception. After all, there’s nothing like the pot calling the kettle black to settle moral questions rather quickly.

A male sex partner is basically a sterilized woman>>> Contraception: Sexual Idolatry Revealed

The bishops refused to teach the most important issue of our time.   The only thing left now for Catholic children and grandchildren is to accept the crown of martydom handed to them by the cowards and the perverts.

One thought on “Contraception is the Cause

  1. Yep, you’ve been making this point for years. Few people in the Church want to go there, however.

    Polygamy is the next “logical” step for a contraceptive culture. We’re already seeing court challenges in Canada to get us there.

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