Contraception: even Gandhi knew it

When the Church speaks of natural law, it means that such knowledge is accessible to all humans of all religions (or non-religions).  Contraception falls into that category.  Even a non-Christian like Gandhi understood what contraception meant.  Check out this juicy quote:

Contraceptives are an insult to woman hood. The difference between a prostitute and a woman using contraceptives is only this that the former sells her body to several men, the latter sells it to one man. Man has no right to touch his wife so long as she does not wish to have a child, and the woman should have the will-power to resist even her own husband. (H, 5-5-1946, p. 118)

One thought on “Contraception: even Gandhi knew it

  1. In the museum at Gandhi’s ashram in Ahmedabad is the assessment of why Gandhi was successful in his campaign against British Rule over India:” It is doubtful that the method employed by Gandhi would have ever succeeded, except that he was appealing to the conscience of a Christianized people.”

    Now the Western Civilization has The Ten Commandments removed from courtroom and classroom walls by decree, or they are forced to be removed by Court Order and police.
    When Christians become Nicolaitans this is what happens. Wake up for Christ’s sake.

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