Contraception and the loss of religious freedom

OTTAWA, May 14, 2012 ( – The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) today released a pastoral letter on freedom of conscience and religion.  Issued by the CCCB Permanent Council, the letter expresses concern about an “aggressive relativism” in Canada that seeks to relegate religion to the private sphere.

Examples of Canadian repression of conscience and religion put forward by the Bishops included matters related to abortion and homosexual ‘marriage’.  “Some colleges of physicians require that members who refuse to perform abortions refer patients to another physician willing to do so; elsewhere pharmacists are being threatened by being forced to have to fill prescriptions for contraceptives or the ‘morning after’ pill; and marriage commissioners in British Columbia, Manitoba, Newfoundland and Saskatchewan must now perform same-sex marriages or resign,” said the letter.

The Most Reverend Richard Smith, Archbishop of Edmonton and President of the CCCB, noted in his introduction to the pastoral letter that it is “addressed to everyone of good will, calls on Catholics, all believers, and even those of no faith, 1) to affirm the right of religion to be active in the public square, 2) to maintain healthy Church-State relations, 3) to form consciences according to objective truth, and 4) to protect the right to conscientious objection.”… (Source)

While it is encouraging news that the Canadian bishops are beginning to speak out on the issue of religious persecution, many of us are still shaking our heads as to how the Church has found itself in this predicament.

It is not a coincidence that the U.S. Church is having its religious freedom stripped from it as a consequence of failing to preach on contraception.  Likewise, you’ll notice the above examples cited by the Bishops ALL revolve, directly or indirectly, around contraception.  So, here again, we have the loss of freedom of the Church being tied directly to the issue of contraceptive, sterilized sex.

And yet, they don’t want to take responsibility and address it in a mature and humble way by honestly looking at how we got here.

The Winnipeg Statement remains a blight and a cancer on the Canadian Church.  And until the bishops pony up and admit it and then retract it, we’re going no where fast.

Confession is not just for lay Catholics, your Graces.  Your predecessors collectively betrayed Christ.  And you have, by your silence, continued that betrayal by not renouncing the contraceptive heritage that you’ve inherited.

You must collectively repent.  John Paul II did it with past sins of Church members.

If he can do it, you can do it.

One thought on “Contraception and the loss of religious freedom

  1. When I was in law school, freedom of belief meant the mind was unfettered and could believe what it felt was true. The Church in the United States is now saying freedom is that you must believe what unelected autocrats in the church tell you you must agree with. In the US, the situation is merely that the institutional church doesn’t want to ante up for an insurance policy. Who eats Caesar’s bread must dance to Caesar’s tune. There are real pro-life issues, such as second-hand smoke and drunk driving, which do real harm to real people. I know, I’ve never smoked and suffer from COPD.

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