Contraception & Abortion: It’s all about the money

Abortion was never really about a woman’s “right to choose”. It was about moneyThis news item has some more confirmation about that uncomfortable fact. Good to see Banned Parenthood getting nailed. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer “charity”.

The smarter lefties milk their dumber and poorer colleagues all the time.  But they do it through the latest fashionable cause.  In the 60s, it was “reproductive rights”.  Even today, that’s the marketing that’s used. But where would the money be if “reproductive rights” didn’t sell any longer as a marketing ploy?  It would be gone.  That’s why the Left always couches their money making schemes in terms of “social progress”.

Global warming is another fraud, except this one is a bit more than just social progress. It’s a crisis. That’s another thing the Left does.  It needs an emergency to get the gravy train-a-rollin’: 

It’s a crisis, everyone. We need to do something about it!”

And here comes Henry Morgentaller and Al Gore to save the day and make a mint at the same time.

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