Conservative MP sticks to his beliefs, resigns from party

As you’ve probably heard, Brent Rathgeber has resigned from the Conservative Party and will sit as an independent MP. He just couldn’t stomach Stephen Harper’s strong-arm tactics any more.

Good on him.

As Andrew Coyne points out in a very thoughtful article, this is part of the unrest that started several weeks ago when Mark Warawa had his democratic rights quashed when he tabled a motion to condemn sex-selective abortions. Let’s see if anybody else jumps ship.

One thought on “Conservative MP sticks to his beliefs, resigns from party

  1. Stephen Harper, his friend John Baird are no different than the Liberals,and N D P in their moral policies.
    I support politicians according to how they vote in the house on Bills that become Canadian Law.
    When a rotten Bill becomes Law and thus a human right in Canada, those fighting to reverse the now legalized criminal law are labeled outlaws,and they are jailed or fined as hurting the feelings of those criminals that now legally abort children in mothers wombs, or recruit formerly innocent school children into now legalized morbid behavior.
    The only reason they did not touch Professor Tom Landers or Dr.Walter Szetela; and friends when they joined concerned Canadian citizens across our Canada to change rotten Parliamentary and Supreme Court Of Canada Law of 2005, in 2008; when Parliament was pressured by voting Canadian citizens organized by Tom Landers and friends to pass a Bill into Canadian Law in 2008,thus putting an end to the legalized criminal law passed in 2005; thus stopping the legal sexual trafficking of consenting 14 year old’s by the Worlds sexual predators and pedophiles; was that Tom,Walter, Debora and friends could explain empirically to the Canadian public how they were being manipulated into feeling good about legislating evil by the majority of their Parliamentary Ministers.

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