Conservative Hour at the CBC

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
Audience Relations
P.O. Box 500 Station A,
Toronto, ON, M5W 1E6

Dear Sir/Madam:

As you are no doubt aware, the CBC’s journalistic standards and objectivity have been seriously compromised in recent years. A quick Google search with the search string text “bias at the CBC” inserted provides ample proof that the CBC has serious ideological leanings towards the left side of the political and social spectrum. In fact, some of the reporting borders on fraudulent and manipulative. And because the current programming’s biased slant is becoming more and more common, the CBC can no longer really be considered a credible news agency.

Furthermore, this credibility gap has adversely affected the CBC’s financial health which in turn is symptomatic of the level of satisfaction Canadians have with the CBC. Since there is simply no political will for more public money to prop up leftist ideological news outlets and since the commercial market sees no real opportunity at the CBC – at least not enough to ensure its long term financial sustainability – we can safely say that it is time for a change.

Speaking as conservative minded individuals, we are appealing to you to save our public broadcaster from possible collapse by expanding the current ideological spectrum at the CBC to be truly representative of the Canadian public. MacLean’s magazine, for instance, has been able to address their leftist bias by bringing on Mark Steyn as a regular columnist because someone there was prudent enough to read the writing on the wall. It is time that the CBC, which is publicly funded by our tax dollars, expand its scope and breadth as well.

If more balance is not forthcoming at the CBC in the near future, the political and cultural pressure could eventually threaten the CBC itself. We believe that this would be most unfortunate since there is a definite place for public broadcasting in Canada. As conservatives, we do not wish to see public broadcasting eliminated, but only presented with a more fair and balanced approach.

To that end, as citizens of Canada who represent a large minority – if not majority – of this country’s population, we are once again asking you to reconsider your programming. We are therefore respectfully suggesting a one hour program with a conservative host to discuss various political and social issues facing the country.

The CBC boasts on its website that “balanced viewpoints must be presented through on-the-air discussions. As it is for other public and private journalistic undertakings, credibility in the eyes of the general population is our most valuable asset and must be protected.”

It is time for those words to reflect the reality on the screen and not remain simply the official line of the nation’s public broadcaster.

For forty years, the CBC has propagated the liberal viewpoint. That translates into over 250,000 hours of forming public opinion in the leftist tradition – a tradition which is no longer readily accepted by this country. We are asking for a mere one hour per week to express our views to the nation. We don’t think this is unreasonable.

The culture of tenured ideological entitlement must give way to the only entitlement that really matters to a public broadcaster…our tax dollars.

Yours very truly,

John Pacheco

c.c. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
c/o Vincent A. Carlin, Ombudsman
P.O. Box 500, Station A
Toronto, Ontario M5W 1E6



2 thoughts on “Conservative Hour at the CBC

  1. I would like to sign the petition for more balanced viewpoints and reporting on CBC too.I find it offensive that the left is given full control of a news corp to brainwash the public.I would like to see more conservative viewpoints on CBC.


  2. I have not watched the CBC for some years because of it’s leftist leanings. I seek news from a more credible source and programming from a morally healthier source. My taxpayer dollars are supporting this cesspool and I support stopping the funding or making them accountable for providing a higher caliber of programming and reporting

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