Conservative Bishop Appointed to San Francisco

…After a half-century of occupants accused by conservatives of soft-pedaling church teaching in favor of a more conciliatory approach toward constituencies ranging from gays and lesbians to Nancy Pelosi – a group of prelates among which the recently-retired chief guardian of church doctrine, Cardinal William Levada, was not exempt from sometimes stinging criticism — the move delivers the long-desired “Holy Grail” of the American Catholic Right firmly into the faction’s hands, in the form of a prelate already known widely both for his forcefulness and a stringent doctrinal cred almost unequaled among his confreres on the national bench….(Source)

God Bless ++Burke, ++Ouellet, +++Benedict XVI.

Hopey changey.

The cry in Sodom will be great, no doubt.

This will also serve as a shot across the bow to the progressive “pastoral element” in the American and Western hierarchies.  Reading the tea leaves, we can all see very clearly now that Benedict is very serious about cleaning out the rot in our culture, and we can also figure out what kind of bishop he is looking for.  I have no doubt that there was a fight about who was going to fill this spot.  The progressives are losing this fight. Every day and every year, their influence will be less and less.

Good riddance.  They’ve left us nothing less than a disaster to clean up…like their protégés in the secular world, they’ve left us spiritually, morally, and financially bankrupt.

The Canadian bishops should also take note of the kind of bishop the Church is looking for.  And it’s not what we’ve hertofore been accustomed to.  It’s time for the Canadian bishops to take a cue from Benedict and REPENT.  Change course and head away from the cliff that you’ve led us toward the past 50 years.

Social justice is on the way out and so is being deaf, dumb, and blind on abortion, contraception, and homosexuality.

Press releases don’t cut it anymore.

2 thoughts on “Conservative Bishop Appointed to San Francisco

  1. Hmmm. And isn’t there a certain very orthodox Canadian cardinal – from Quebec of all places, who picks ’em and plates ’em these days for the Holy Father?

    Hmmm. The times, they are a changin’

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