Consensus Media Dumb to The Truth About Obama

Hey, Pete, have you ever thought of the unborn child as a person?

Here, Pete, check this out.  Obama has been the most pro-abortion President in the history of the U.S.

But the Unborn don’t count, right?  Just like the Jews didn’t count.  It’s all about messy definitions of who qualifies as a person, and who deserves protection and who doesn’t.  You’d think that you’d have figured that out by now, Pete, since you’ve belonged to the Consensus media all these years.  Everything, as you know, is all about being relative to the definitions and boundaries we place on things, Pete.

Now consider Obama’s record concerning the Unborn and compare that to what Stalin and Hitler did to the undesirables in their era.

“Uncle Joe” and Hitler had “noble” intentions too….they just didn’t let humanity stand in their way.

And don’t worry, Pete, you’ll never get 11 billion reading what you have to say like Drudge has.  The Consensus Media never really think outside of their box. Rarely do they tell the full truth. And are all about pushing an agenda while pretending to be “objective”.  Really, Pete, if it wasn’t for the government funding the CBC…you’d be out of a job because nobody would really care what you have to say.

3 thoughts on “Consensus Media Dumb to The Truth About Obama

  1. So ignorant comparing Obama to Stalin/Hitler. But then again, that’s what the religious right is all about, isn’t it?

    • Hitler wanted to exterminate a race and any other soul he deemed undesirable. Obama wholeheartedly supports planned parenthood which is founded on the principle by Margaret Sanger with the intent of exterminating the Black race and those undesirables. Obama voted 3 times while in the Senate in support of letting children die who happened to make it through a “botched” abortion. Hitler had his Nazi doctors perform abortions. Obama has sent more drone strikes, against the Constitution mind you, to kill more people overseas than Bush ever dreamed of. Innocent children are killed by these drones. Obama has heavy communist/marxist roots, look at who is backing him and who his friends are/were. Yeah, the list goes on. It’s a very apt comparison. Evil is as evil does, both are evil and have/had narcissistic personality flaws that border on insane.

  2. What is ridiculous is comparing someone like George Bush to Hitler as the Left likes to do when there is absolutely no moral equivalence.

    However, once you answer the question about the Unborn correctly, everything else concerning Obama’s legacy is just about logic.

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