5 thoughts on “Conrad Black Attacks Humanae Vitae

  1. This was a surprise, coming from a so-called conservative Catholic. Although I have noticed lately many conservatives (or should I say conservatives-in-name-only), caving in to the secular culture – here and in the US. We need to pray so we also don’t ‘fall into temptation’.

  2. Whoa! This was a cheap and nasty attack on Conrad Black.

    Yes, he does not understand the rationale for Humanae Vitae. But then, neither do most of the Canadian episcopy.

    Let’s first convert the bishops.

  3. I found that Vox Cantoras attack on Conrad Black poorly reasoned, replete with false accusations, somewhat disgusting, mean spirited and not what I expect from a Catholic commentator. Very easy to take the moral high ground and shoot down on enemies. The name calling is especially annoying. The employees and shareholders of Conrad Black’s companies were doing very well until the heavy handed government stepped in with false accusations and ruined the value in these enterprises and his reputation. Conrad Black is a victim of a so-called judicial system gone crazy and now of his own religious brothers or sisters when he dares to voice a contrary opinion on a tricky issue.

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