Connecticut ‘Married’ Homosexuals Face Trial for Allegedly Raping their Own Adopted Boys

Remember, all you need is two men who love each other.

Then it’s marriage.  And then adoption.

For the sexually confused out there, even if this is true, gay “marriage” still doesn’t affect *you*, does it?

It just affects the kids who get raped.

Let’s hope that there is no poetic justice and that those who asked such a stupid question don’t end up in the slammer some day with The Sisters.

One thought on “Connecticut ‘Married’ Homosexuals Face Trial for Allegedly Raping their Own Adopted Boys

  1. Ah, yes, but the libs/lefites/Democrat Party people will say that two men who adopt rarely abuse the adopted children, and that may be so, but when it comes to guns, listen carefully, the libs/lefties/Democrat Party people say that if any gun control measures save ONE child´s life, it´s worth the disadvantages that those laws cause. Yes, the libs/lefties/Democrat Party people want all kinds of psychological testing on people who apply to buy guns, but no testing is needed for pervert homosexual males who want to adopt little boys, or pervert homosexual females who want to adopt little girls. We continue to pray that the pols stop playing the political correctness game, or quit giving in to the homosexuals´ and homosexualists´ pressure and start using their common sense.

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