Confusion Reigns

In the U.S., you can be banned for proposing women deacons.

In Canada, you get promoted to bishop.  Now, clap everyone….don’t forget to clap!

My dear Archbishop Chaput, would you ban a goodly number of Canadian bishops from your archdiocese as well?

I tell you all most solemnly, that would indeed be a day of great rejoicing.

Today, in CanChurch, there is no such thing as scandal because scandal is every day and right thinking and right practice are the exception to the rule.  We are at a point where we curse not anymore, but only rejoice when a Catholic bishop does his job once every five years.

Catholic scandal has become a way of life.


One thought on “Confusion Reigns

  1. Deacon William Ditewig has been banned to speak publicly in the Diocese of Philadelphia about his views (he has written books advocating for women deacons) because he is ordained by the Catholic church to preach. Deacon William Ditewig has the right to speak against church teaching. However the Bishop of Philadelphia has also the right to protect his flock (by
    banning the Deacon) from doctrinal confusion. Freedom of speech or John 6:67?

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