Conference on Islamic Fundamentalism: The Threat At The Door

Annual Burlington Conference 2008
Oct 17-18, 2008

The one threat that is greater to Western Civilization than Secular Humanism is the tyranny of Islamic Fundamentalism. Islamic Fundamentalism is not just a European problem anymore. The intimidation is so great that many are already making peace with radical Islam. 

Historically, Mormons could never gain traction for their polygamy, but Muslim men in Canada are now receiving taxpayer-funded family benefits for having multiple wives. Ontario almost introduced provisions for sharia law into the province’s family law system, despite the fact that some of the most offensive aspects of sharia law are those that relate to the way husbands treat their wives and children. Canadian businesses are being pressured to adopted special fiscal measures and financial vehicles that are sharia-compliant. And Canadian publisher Ezra Levant and Canadian newsmagazine Maclean’s have been the objects of vicious “human rights” investigations instigated by Islamic activists.

Christians and Jews need to be forewarned and forearmed to deal forthrightly and assertively with the Challenge of Islam.
That is why you need to come out to one of Canada’s first conferences dealing with the threat of Islam. Sam Solomon, an Arabian Imam of 20 years who converted to Christianity 12 years ago, will be the featured speaker at the ECP Centre’s 5th annual Ignite Our Culture conference. We can’t publish Sam’s picture because his identity must be protected.

Sam Solomon was once a fundamentalist Islamic religious leader. He knows what Islam is all about. He understands the threat. He and his family are personally indanger because radical Muslims have threatened him for speaking up and speaking out.

Today, as a dynamic and provocative speaker, he travels the world to warn Christians about the threat of Islamic fundamentalism and to teach Christians, Jews and moderate Muslims how to confront this danger – not only with cultural assertiveness but with the Gospel.
Sam Solomon doesn’t get up to Canada very often. You won’t want to miss this opportunity to hear him share his story and explain the best way to deal with this new front in the battle for Canadian civilization.

Several other noted speakers will address the general problems Canada’s multicultural mosaic creates for Christians. All the speakers have established a reputation for clear thinking, passion for the culture and a concern to equipping the attendees with practical solutions.  This is one conference you do not want to miss. (Source)

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