Condoms are Killing Canada

OTTAWA, February 18, 2010 ( – One of the first official reports to indicate the disastrous consequences of Canada’s long-term below, replacement birth rate was released in Ottawa today by Parliamentary Budget Officer Kevin Page.  While pro-life leaders have been warning of the impending disaster for years as abortion and contraception have wreaked demographic havoc, the financial fallout is beginning to strike home to governments worldwide.

Taking into account Canada’s steady 1.5 birth rate, far below the 2.1 replacement rate, along with the accompanying ageing of the population, the report warns that “a major demographic transition is underway.”

“During this time, the ageing of the population will move an increasing share of Canadians out of their prime working- age and into their retirement years,” says the report. “With an older population, spending pressures in areas such as health care and elderly benefits are projected to intensify. At the same time, slower labour force growth is projected to restrain growth in the economy, which will in turn slow the growth of government revenue.”

The financial result is devastating, says the report.  “The Government’s current fiscal structure is not sustainable over the long term,” says the report.  In order to compensate for the low birth rate the report says there must be very substantial increases in taxation and major cuts to government services, amounting to 14 to 28 billion dollars….

Sadly, the fools who have been trying to push morality out of public policy are going to find out that it wasn’t such a great idea. 

Sex sustains a society and also destroys it…even financially.

I’ve been beating this drum for a decade. 

Contraception, folks, is killing us.

Repent. Turn back. Please.

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