One thought on “Conception to Birth

  1. A democratic educated society where children are killed legally in the warmth of their mothers wombs, by government decree and court enforcement, proves that their Government and Supreme Court , and voting citizens can legalize anything. It is hard to imagine that many Catholic and Protestants, Priests and Laity forget that after The Second World War at Nuremberg, ten Nazi leaders where indicted for compelling and encouraging abortion, ” a crime against humanity.” Germany was the most educated country in Europe at that time. Their Nazi government and Supreme Court passed over 400 laws legalizing their atrocities. At the War Crimes Trials the Nazi’s said that they did not break the law. Technically the were right but the majority of Western Civilization were Christian , and educated to think objectively, not PC subjectively. Why are politicians who pass rotten Bills into Canadian law elected and supported by many so-called Christians? In a democracy voting citizens determine the laws and character of our society. Our future is in the hands and minds of our voting citizens.

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