Complaints against Maclean’s raise censorship concerns

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HUMAN RIGHTS complaints against Maclean’s magazine, for running an excerpt of conservative columnist Mark Steyn’s bestselling book America Alone, have raised alarms about the rise in government sponsored censorship in Canada — especially against Christians.

Catholic and social conservative activist John Pacheco shares Benson’s concerns. “Mark Steyn is probably most popular conservative commentator in the world. If he can be attacked, it does not bode well for freedom of speech for Canadians.”

Pacheco has launched an online petition, asking the prime minister and provincial premiers to suspend human rights commissions until there is an impartial review to make sure freedom of speech is protected.

“We consider many complaints launched through so-called ‘human rights commissions’ to be political tools to shut down dissent and uphold politically correct thought and opinion,” the petition at states. “In particular, we note the inordinate number of successful cases brought against conservatives and, in particular, Christians.”

Pacheco pointed out that Steyn is a Christian, and that there has been a litany of human rights complaints against Christians in recent years, mostly for alleged homophobia or discrimination against homosexuals.


The thing about Steyn that people are overlooking is that he is a Christian and has a Christian worldview. Therefore, the attack on  him is not just about free speech rights but also about religious persecution.  Will Christians be allowed to critique Islam anymore? 

What the State is doing through the HRCs is essentially supporting one religion over the rest. So much for separation of Church and State the Left keeps bleating on about. 

The Leftists and the Islamicists are living in their own little fantasy worlds right now.  They are content to fight the Christian/Conservative constituency in all Western democracies in their own perverse political and legal realms.  What they fail to realize is that, since they have little in common on the moral front, when the Christian/Conservative constituency is nearly completely muzzled and effectively rendered impotent, there won’t be any more common enemy.  And that’s when the fun starts for both of these groups.  If you think it’s ugly now, just wait until the the haze lifts.  It will be Sharia vs. The Rainbow Declaration.

Good luck with that.

I just don’t get it.  Why does the Left want Sharia? What am I missing here?  Why do they prefer dhimmitude status? Do the Leftists bloggers think they will be able to continue with their drivel once we are out of the way?

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