2 thoughts on “Compare and Contrast

  1. Fire your Editor!! As a former professor of contract law I tried to understand “Compare and Contract”…I guess you mean “compare and contrast”. Then there are two pictures of a Mass. I suppose one is supposed to be good and the other bad. Guess which?
    The top picture has the German caption “Family Mass with the Easter Bunny”. I believe the conglomerate word familymass is misspelled, and Oster (Easter) deserves an umlaut over the O.
    But, who cares? Seeing the same performance repeated 52 weeks a year for my threescore and ten years is bound to bring on ennui. Those of us who want to pray do in our own words and thoughts. I suppose if I were paid to be a liturgist I would have completely different ideas.

  2. In the first an iconic illustration of madness. In the second, divine normalcy elucidated.
    To use an automotive highway driving metaphor, the latter driver is attentive and, relaxed in the proper posture, alert, with hands, feet, and head diligently maintaining safety, efficiency, even economy. The former is dangling head first over the edge of the open trunk marveling at how cool the concrete looks speeding past inches away and pulling the children so they can see too, while the vehicle careens and bounces, threatening the safety of everyone in sight.

    Thanks, baby boomer entitlement religion.

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