Communion for the Remarried. Francis Has a Yes “In Pectore”

This is what the pundits are saying.  And you know what?  Based on what I’ve seen with Pope Francis, the pundits would be right to think that way too…especially his “favourite” theologian, Cardinal Walter Kasper.

But, just so that you all know where you saw it first:  despite all of the apparent evidence and even Pope Francis’s personal inclinations, not one jot or iota will change substantively on the teaching on the divorced and remarried.

It might be another huge let down for the liberals like contraception was because the Church’s hierarchy is foolishly building expectations, but at the end of the day, bishops propose and God disposes.

I ain’t worried one little bit….because, in the end, it’s just another proof that the Catholic Church is divinely instituted.

Who am I to judge? ain’t gonna survive in this pontificate or the next one. ‘Cause judgement day is certainly coming.

One thought on “Communion for the Remarried. Francis Has a Yes “In Pectore”

  1. This issue is not up for discussion – what is the Pope thinking by giving voice to the dissidents this way? More scandal, confusion for the faithful. I’m glad Our Lord said the gates of Hell would not prevail, because it would be easy to get discouraged when those who are in leadership seem to be going off course.

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