Communication Directors

You know, I think such a position is really not good for the Church…either in the dioceses or in the Vatican.  Look at what is transpiring during the Synod.  Fr. Rosica speaks. Everyone finds major problems with his distorted reporting.  In all my years of blogging, I have never really seen anything really beneficial come from Communication Directors.  And I’ve seen plenty which has has been problematic and scandalous.

So why have them?  If the Pope or a Bishop wants to say something and represent the Church or the Diocese, LET HIM SAY IT HIMSELF, and let everyone accept or reject their words.

We don’t need filters.  Because when you have filters, you lose a lot of taste and sometimes the very substance of the truth.

Not many people have been commenting on this, but it really needs to be said and addressed in the Church.  Is the Church now some secular organization or government that it needs official talking heads to “interpret” the message for us?

If you think about it, it’s quite insulting.

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