Commentary to the Press on Fr. Arriaga

Comments by yours truly to the Press on the whole Fr. Arriaga fiasco:

Regarding the Prayer vigil, I was expecting probably a dozen people, but it’s hard to gauge.  I  had a lot of traffic on my website for that post.  Many people were  upset about the Archbishop introducing Fr. Arriaga, despite the  overwhelming evidence that there was a serious problem with Fr.  Arriaga’s positions on human life.

Personally, I am very satisfied that the Archbishop did the right  thing, confronted Fr. Arriaga about his anti-life positions, and took  the appropriate action.  The other bishops of Canada should take note  and, as Jesus says, “Go and do the same.”

As I have always maintained about the abortion scandal surrounding  Development & Peace, this issue is as much about trust as it is about  abortion.  Why do the bishops of Canada continue to trust the  management of Development & Peace when they have consistently shown a  wanton disregard for the sanctity of human life by continuing to  support pro-abortion advocates?  If the Bishops continue to support  the current management of Development & Peace when prudence dictates  the opposite, then why should faithful Catholics continue to trust the  bishops?

The time for cleaning house is at hand. The Vatican has started it  with Caritas Internationalis.  The Canadian Bishops need to do the  same with Development & Peace.


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