Comment #11

Father Tom,

You have righteously defended the Church and its leaders from the unwarranted and uneducated attack from members of its “flock”.  Since when were the laity given the right to question the actions of the Magisterium? More so a member in good standing such as yourself.

The American Church leaders reached out and provided a man of stature, integrity and good Catholic Christian morals such as Senator Ted Kennedy with a funeral mass befitting someone who willing to confront the “difficult” issues such as abortion with an open mind.

These people, (the laity) these peasants really, do not quite understand that although they were taught that protecting innocent life is a fundamental belief of the Church, the only pass one needs to be celebrated with all the pomp and circumstance of a ceremony of one’s life is simply power and social connections. You made this message quite clear.

You have taught us, Father, that we can be at odds with the Church, we can publicly disavow a fundamental teaching and we will be no worse off. Indeed, with enough money and the right connections, we can be celebrated in death to the extent that we defied the Church in life.

Yours affectionately,


That was Comment #11 to Fr. Rosica’s scandalous post which started his tirade against pro-life Catholics.

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