Comfort or the Cross, Gentlemen?

Those who arrive at the judgement seat of God, after this life, without the scars of a sacrificing husband, will “hold their manhoods cheap whilst any speaks who fought with us” [Shakespeare, Henry V, iv.3]. – Into the Breach, Bishop Thomas Olmstead, Bishop of Phoenix

2 thoughts on “Comfort or the Cross, Gentlemen?

  1. Secular Christianity is an oxymoron. Today Secular Christianity is the norm, and it is obvious by the seculars comments. We were a Christian society in Government, Law and Education, but today our children, and grandchildren are indoctrinated into the values of Secular Humanism, by adult school teachers,and special interest group activists,by Government Legislation. Parents know these groups, and how they recruit school children, by Secular Humanist Government Legislation. Canada was a State Sanctioned Christian Country until the mid-1960’s, where school teachers led students in The Lord’s Prayer.

    We have seen what real Christianity can do in Canada, when after Chapel Prayer our friends politically united concerned Canadian parents, and grandparents to successfully petition The House Of Commons to change rotten 2005 Parliamentary, And Supreme Court Of Canada law in 2008.

    In a democracy evil prospers when people who call themselves good allow it to be legislated.

  2. Well, yes. Like slavery, for example, and the proper areas for brown people to live, and what kind of person gets to create a family with what other kind of person…those everyday details that Mr. God didn’t mention. Some of us have decided that if our God didn’t talk about it, it must be illegal. Do Christians get a nuclear dispensation? Mrs. God didn’t have anything published that spoke of nuclear power, so I’m inclined to believe that She’s opposed to it.

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