Letting the divine cosmic energy invade your body and mind at St. Joe’s

From the Annual Report of St. Joseph’s parish, on page 23, under the yoga ministry (I kid you not):

Through the physical practice of asana and pranayama we are able to create space for the divine energy or “prana” to flow within our bodies and minds. Our practice together has fostered a sense of peace and connection in and among the participants. (Source)

What is this divine energy called prana? In the philosophy associated with Yoga, it’s basically a divine cosmic force that comes from the sun and connects everything in the universe. It is believed to be responsible for the body’s life.

For any Christian with a minimal formation, it should be abundantly clear that belief in prana is incompatible with Christianity. There is no divine solar force, there is only the One True God. Life in humans is not generated by this cosmic solar force, but is created and sustained by God Almighty alone.

These folks at St. Joe’s don’t merely believe in this divine energy, they go beyond intellectual assent by trying to commune with it, “creating space” for it to “flow within their minds and bodies.” This is way beyond mere stretching and exercise.

These practices place St. Joe’s in clear violation of the First Commandment:

“I am the LORD your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. You shall have no other gods before me.”  (Deut. 5:6-7)

There’s a reason it’s the first commandment, in both the Old and New Testaments.

So let’s cut to the chase: St. Joseph’s parish is not Christian. You cannot reject the First Commandment and commune with another deity and still claim to be Christian. All the other crazy stuff  going on at that parish — including their participation in the Pride Parade with a parish banner and the liturgical abuses — are a manifestation of their non-Christianity. All the pieces come together like a jigsaw puzzle.

Please warn everybody you know. Friends don’t let friends go to St. Joe’s.

5 thoughts on “Letting the divine cosmic energy invade your body and mind at St. Joe’s

  1. I do not understand how they do this. Their liturgy is also out of line. I complained by e-mail to the archbishop about their open invitation to the gay parade a couple of years ago and I never received a reply from the bishop – not even an acknowledgment.

    • I did receive a reply after bugging the Archbishop’s secretary for a long time. It seemed to me that the message wasn’t getting to the Archbishop as every time I’ve asked what he is doing about it the secretary would tell me that it is private. Eventually a priest called me and said that the Archbishop knows about St. Joseph’s and that they are handling this but in a very slow manner. The priest stated that since they do so much good, dinners, feeding the poor,etc. and that other Catholic Churches fail in this ministry that they need to be sensitive so as to not lose the congregation.

      Basically they’re compromising their faith. My question is, in whose name are they doing these “good” deeds? Certainly not in Jesus’ name.

  2. The good news is the Mass at St. Joseph’s Ottawa doesn’t involve Transubstantiation – the Real Presence is not there. They bake their own ‘communion bread’. For a Mass to be valid it must contain three elements: form, matter, intent. The matter is wrong at St. Joe’s therefore no miracle. They are pagans worshiping themselves.

  3. Thanks Glen.

    Do you know the contents of their communion bread? If it’s made with just wheat flour and water, it would still be valid matter. But if they’re adding other stuff, then it likely wouldn’t be.

  4. Hi Squeaker,

    No, I do not know the contents, the parish office won’t share the recipe over the phone. So I mis-spoke, I cannot guarantee the matter isn’t valid.

    However, there is the issue of the particles. If you view some of the photos on their website, I doubt any precautions are made, Jesus probably gets swept away.

    Archbishop Prendergast should correct the errors that have become standard operating procedure at St. Joe’s. Souls are at stake.

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