Collection this Sunday: boycott the CCCB’s funding of contraceptives and morning-after pills

This Sunday is the annual collection for the “Needs of the Church in Canada”. The name sounds really nice and all, but it’s really just a collection to pay for the bureaucracy at the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB). Oh, and it also pays for the contraceptives and morning-after pills of the CCCB staff. Didn’t you know?

You may recall that a journalist from the Montreal newspaper La Presse broke a story a few months ago in which he reported that the CCCB covers contraceptives and the morning-after pill as part of its health insurance plan for staff. The story was published in February 2012, in the wake of the controversy in the US whereby Obama had just announced the HHS Mandate on birth control. Perhaps the journalist was curious to see how Canadian bishops were positioned on this issue in light of the robust opposition of the US bishops to Obama.

The article received no coverage in the pro-life media, except for an article by Campagne Québec-Vie and an article by Socon or Bust. The La Presse story reveals the deep hypocrisy of the bishops, not only on contraception, but also on abortion, since the morning-after pill can be an abortifacient, depending on what drug it is. That means that the pill can induce an abortion of the newly conceived embryo by preventing it from implanting on the wall of the uterus.

Imagine that: Canadian bishops funding chemical abortions for their staff. And the money is coming from your pocket, through this annual collection for the CCCB.

I don’t know about you, but I have no intention of funding somebody else’s contraceptives or abortions.  Therefore, I am not putting any money in the collection basket this weekend for the CCCB’s sexual “operations”.

In years past, the CCCB’s annual collection was also used to provide some money to scandal-ridden Development and Peace. That’s another good reason to boycott the collection.

Last spring, I contacted the La Presse journalist myself to ask the source of his information on the CCCB’s insurance plan. He answered that he obtained it directly from the Director of Communications at the CCCB, René Laprise. He happens to be the guy that announces the ban on LifeSiteNews each year at the CCCB Plenary Assembly. A friend of Socon or Bust contacted the CCCB to attempt to confirm the information from the La Presse article, but the CCCB would not share its health care plan because it’s an “internal document”.

Welcome to Catholic apartheid. When the secular media calls, the CCCB rolls out the red carpet, pours them a brandy and gives a friendly tell-all interview. If a faithful Catholic has the audacity to call — you know, one of those evil daily communicants that generously supports the Church with both time and money — he gets stiffed. But they still want your collection money. Just don’t ask any questions.

The La Presse article explains that the Archdiocese of Montreal also funds contraception and the morning-after pill for its personnel. The journalist points out that Quebec law obliges employers offering health insurance to cover contraceptives, a sort of made-in-Quebec version of the HHS Mandate. Ontario, on the other hand, has no legal requirements for contraceptives to be covered, a fact highlighted by the journalist as he explains that the CCCB, headquartered in Ottawa, has nonetheless volunteered to cover them. Very grand of them.

He then points out how the Archdiocese of Toronto refuses to cover contraception because it’s contrary to Church teaching. The journalist seems somewhat dismayed at Toronto’s position, calling it a “conservative revolution”. How sad is that? The Canadian bishops have fallen so far that the faithful ones are seen as revolutionary. Wow.

The CCCB should emulate the Archdiocese of Toronto.  Until it does, we should all pass on this weekend’s collection basket.

2 thoughts on “Collection this Sunday: boycott the CCCB’s funding of contraceptives and morning-after pills

  1. Great job Squeaker! Holy moly that was certainly a timely “reminder” for us, coming off of the Plenary. I wonder if that made their “Pro Life” strategy that they’re going to roll out in the next 12 months. 🙂

    We should all keep our money “local”. Support good and holy priests and the rare bishop who’s serious about being pro-life. But for the rest? Squeeze it and give them nothing at all. Let it dry up and do your part for the new evangelization by destroying the sinful structures that currently exist in the Church.

  2. I contacted the Archdiocese of Ottawa about this subject back in the spring of this year. They replied that they don’t cover contraceptives in their health insurance policy.

    The disconnect between headquarters and the individual dioceses highlights the fake unity that currently exists between the different bishops despite all the messaging to the contrary. The CCCB is still under the thumb of the heretics and that won’t change until the biological solution completes its run.

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