No more cash for the cold, hard feminists

The fallout of Fr. Arriaga’s cancelled visit to Canada is continuing to be felt around the Church and even into that moral wasteland of Quebec, where even the slighest hint of a pro-life ethic is hysterically denounced and excoriated.   The pro-abort Quebec press has showed its fangs yet again by publishing a scarry piece against LifeSiteNews’ ongoing investigative reports on Development & Peace’s pro-abortion partners.  According to the title of the article in Le Devoir, there’s a new attack by religious integrists (“nouvelle attaque de l’intégrisme religieux”).  A religious integrist, in case you are wondering, is a pejorative term about someone who actually believes what the Catholic Church teaches in faith and morals, as opposed to the consummate compromisers who have defined what Catholicism has been these past 40 years.  The article in question is standard fare of what passes these days as “responsible journalism”, and that’s one of the reasons why even Quebecers have finally had enough and are looking for a more balanced approach to news.  (Quebecor is the backer of the new Sun Media Network)

But, just the same, there were still a couple of interesting facts which shows that the pressure put on Development & Peace over the past two years is having a real, financial effect.  In addition to discussing the Arriaga scandal, the article mentions how groups in Bolivia and Haiti have had their funding cut. Socon or Bust was the first news source to inform the Catholic public about D&P’s pro-abort groups in many of the countries where problems have been discovered. 

13. Kay Fanm – Haiti – Abortion – SCB | LSN

14. Fanm Desie – Haiti – Abortion –  SCB | LSN

26. CENPOSEP – Bolivia – Reproductive “Health” – SCB

27. ECAM – Bolivia – Reproductive “Health” – SCB

42. Papaye Peasant Movement – Haiti – SCB

The Le Devoir article describes it this way:

Hence, during a visit to Bolivia, where they met more than 200 members of 21 centres for women — women affected by poverty and domestic violence and often raising their children alone — members of the Solidarity Committee of Trois-Rivières (Comité solidarité de Trois-Rivières) were angry to learn that they couldn’t receive any more financial help from D&P unless they obtained a letter of recommendation from a Bolivian bishop.

Can you imagine?  The nerve!  The gall!  The audacity!  Just who do these bishops think they are, anyway, mandating such a thing! Do they think they are actually running the Church?  Are they saying that Development & Peace must seek the permission of the local bishop before funds are released to any their partners?!?  My good lord. What’s happened to our Kumbaya Church?!

This shows us once again that D&P and their supporters have been a rogue organization, unfettered by Episcopal oversight, and running wild and doing their own “social justice” thing. The fact that the members of this Committee would be angry that they have to respect the local Ordinary’s judgement about what is and what is not a legitimate development and aid agency is more pathetic than it is tragic.  Then again, when you’ve operated without a proper shepherd for decades, it’s not hard to see why you’d think you should be able to do your own thing.  Then again, it is Trois-Rivières. I said, it is Trois-Rivières.

In Haïti, a home for women in Port-au-Prince, Kay Fanm, supported by D&P, will cease receiving the help it had received for 20 years. The centre collapsed during the earthquake of 2010. Magalie Marcelin, the founder, was killed and the director, Yolette Jeanty, is dealing with an increase in rapes of girls (she houses about 30 of them under a tent in her yard). In Trois-Rivières, this funding cut caused scandal.  (Source: Le Devoir)

This pro-abort group has been on the dole for 20 years!  20 years of Canadian Catholic money being used to prop up this pro-abort organization.  That’s the real scandal. How much money is that? 500,000?  $1,000,000?  Here’s what this group is really about: 

Kay Fanm (“What Women!”), an organization that says its purpose is the “promotion of the rights of women,” proclaims its support for abortion on its webpage entitled, “The State of Things: Women and Health in Haiti” (see webpage in French at Kay Fanm complains that there is a “lack of access to information and training relative to reproductive rights” including “a very limited recognition of reproductive rights regarding the voluntary interruption of pregnancy (IVG). Given that abortion is illegal in Haiti, women and young girls facing undesired pregnancies sometimes have recourse to clandestine abortions practiced in dubious conditions.” It also laments “a weak rate of contraceptive utilization,” explaining that “at the national level the rate of utilization of contraceptives (and consisting of condoms) continues to be weak (13.2%).  Coupled with the lack of sex education, this has as its result a high rate of growth of the population with a rate of fecundity of 4.8 …”   Kay Famn goes on to complain that the government isn’t distributing the “female condom” as well. On another Kay Fanm page, the organization clearly proclaims its support for the “depenalizaton of abortion” (that is, to eliminate criminal penalties for the practice) in conjunction with Fanm Deside, another D&P grant recipient, in an alliance called CONAP. (Source)

Development & Peace has been telling us that they don’t support “groups”; they support “programs”.  And yet, if it’s really the “program” that’s so important, if it’s really about these raped women, why don’t their partners just throw their abortion advocacy under the bus to collect the cash?  I’ll tell you why:  they won’t do it because they won’t let go of abortion, and because they won’t let go of abortion, you know that they are ideologically set in promoting it and using the money, directly or indirectly, that D&P sends them to advocate for “reproductive rights”.   That’s the sad reality.  So this whole farce of a “scandal” that the Committee of Feminists at Trois-Rivières is so upset about is not about raped women. It’s about abortion and the rest of the feminist agenda.

Socon or Bust is elated that the pressure that we have helped build against Development & Peace these past 2 years is finally being felt on the “ground” as the blood money begins to dry up.  No more cold hard cash for the dismemberment of babies.  There’s cash for Catholic organizations or organizations which do not contradict Catholic teaching and genuinely further aid and development.   There’s money for the fight against poverty, promotion of the dignity of every human person, and the genuine advancement of women in these societies.

But not through contraception. Not over gender “mainstreaming”, or redefinition, or confusion.  And certainly not over the dead bodies of unborn children, either.

Give to our efforts today, as a thank you to LifeSiteNews and as a memorial to all of those wonderful Catholics who actually did ‘social justice’ before Development & Peace even existed.


Pro-Abort / Anti-Catholic Groups Funded by the Canadian Bishops

No. D&P Partner Country Advocacy Source Source
1 PRODH Mexico Abortion   LSN
2 Mexican Network for Action Regarding Free Trade Mexico Abortion   LSN
3 Center for Economic and Political Research for Community Action Mexico Abortion   LSN
4 National Center for Social Communication Mexico Abortion   LSN
5 All Rights for Everyone Network Mexico Abortion   LSN
6 CPSI Bolivia Abortion   NCReg
7 WARDC Nigeria Reproductive “Rights” SCB LSN
8 AFJB Benin Abortion SCB LSN
9 CONAG – DCF Guinea Abortion SCB LSN
10 FAMME Togo Contraception SCB LSN
11 Movimento de Mulheres Camponesas Brazil Abortion SCB LSN
12 FASE Brazil Abortion SCB LSN
13 Kay Fanm Haiti Abortion SCB LSN
14 Fanm Deside Haiti Abortion SCB LSN
15 CAMPO Mexico Abortion   LSN
16 Fokupers East Timor Abortion, Anti-Catholicism SCB LSN
17 CLOC Peru Abortion   LSN
18 Comaletzin Mexico Abortion   LSN
19 March 8th Women’s Collective Nicaragua Abortion SCB LSN
20 EMAS Mexico Abortion   LSN
21 ALAI Ecuador Abortion, Anti-Catholicism   LSN
22 YARAC Nigeria Contraception SCB LSN
23 CNR Peru Abortion   LSN
24 GRESP Peru Abortion   LSN
26 CENPOSEP Bolivia Reproductive “Health” SCB  
27 ECAM Bolivia Reproductive “Health” SCB  
28 CENTRAC Brazil Abortion SCB  
29 CANTERA Nicaragua Reproductive “Health”, Anti-Catholic SCB  
30 DEICIDAMOS Paraguay Anti-Family SCB  
31 Réseau Siggil igéen Senegal Reproductive Health” SCB  
32 GETNET South Africa Contraception SCB  
33 WfC South Africa Reproductive “Health” SCB  
34 Freedom from Debt Coalition Philippines Contraception SCB LSN
35 PETA Philippines Reproductive “Rights”, Anti-Catholicism SCB  
36 LOCOA Pan Asiatic Abortion SCB  
37 KPI Indonesia Reproductive “Rights” SCB  
38 Rede Feto East Timor Abortion SCB LSN
39 Banteay Srei Cambodia Reproductive “Rights” SCB  
40 CHEC Cambodia Contraception SCB  
41 Ecuarunari Ecuador Reproductive “Rights”, Anti-Catholic SCB  
42 Papaye Peasant Movement Haiti Reproductive “Rights”, Family Planning SCB  
43 International Labour Research & Information Group (ILRIG) South Africa Abortion, Reproductive “Rights” SCB LSN
44 Conselho Indigenista Missionário (CIMI) Brazil Infanticide SCB  
45 Focus on the Global South Philippines Anti-Catholicism, Contraception SCB LSN
46 Concertación de Mujeres El Salvador Anti-Catholicism, Abortion, Homosexuality, Contraception


47 Consejo Regional Indígena del Cauca (CRIC) Columbia Reproductive “Rights”, Contraception, Abortion


48 Women for Change Zambia Reproductive “Health” SCB  
49 Réseau africain pour le développement intégré (RADI) Senegal Reproductive “Health” SCB  

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