Coffee or Tea?

Ms. McGovern’s business card said she was a “Human Rights Officer.” What a perfectly Orwellian title.

Early in her interrogation, she said “I always ask people … what was your intent and purpose of your article?”

It wasn’t even a question about what we had published in the magazine. It was a question about my private thoughts. I asked her why my private feelings were of interest to the government. She said, very calmly, that they would be a factor taken into account by the government in determining whether or not I was guilty.

Officer McGovern said it as calmly as if I had asked her what time it was.

When she’s doing government interrogations, she always asks people about their thoughts.

It was so banal, so routine. When she walked in, she seemed happy. With a smile, she reached out her hand to shake mine. I refused — to me, nothing could have been more incongruous. Would I warmly greet a police officer who arrested me as a suspect in a crime? Then why should I do so for a thought crime? This was not normal; I would not normalize it with the pleasantries of polite society.

(Globe & Mail)

Excellent article by Ezra in today’s Globe & Mail (finally some coverage in the left wing rags).  This whole handshake thing is really quite amazing.  It just goes to show how completely corrupt and idiotic the HRCs have become. 

Good morning.  I’m here to inTerrorgate you about your thoughts and speech.  For this investigation, you no doubt have spent thousands of dollars already and you will spend thousands of dollars in the future. When you lose (as is the case with 100% of our victims), we will fine you even thousands of dollars more.  We hope that the stress on your family and defamation against your character will ensure you never ever think or say anything politically incorrect again — at least against Islam or homosexuality.

Will that be coffee or tea?

Even when we are being thugs, Canadians are so polite.

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