Coerced abortion appears to be widespread : Researchers

Here are a couple of key quotes from a great article by Barbara Kay in the National Post.

In what has been described as a “real game changer” in breast cancer research, a new peer-reviewed study from China not only endorses the long-mooted link between IA [induced abortion] and breast cancer, but concludes the risk rises with every abortion a woman has. Their findings, described as a “dose-responsive relationship,” pegged one IA to a 44% rise in risk of breast cancer, two IAs to 76% and three to 89%.

Research elsewhere supports the China study. A study in the Indian Journal of Community Medicine in May found a six-fold greater risk of breast cancer among Indian women with a history of IA as compared to non-aborting women. (Source)

Isn’t abortion the bestest thing ever?  But wait, there’s more, striking at the very heart of “choice” :

Another myth is that women freely choose abortion. These authors find that studies worldwide report a strong correlation between intimate partner violence and abortion, suggesting more abortions are submitted to under pressure or coercion than by free choice.

Abortion: destroyer of women.

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