CNA Disgraces Itself

Check out the comments in the original article here.  People are generally not biting on this concocted “scandal”.  

I found this one comment particularly informative by a CPA in the U.S.:

The IRS made significant changes to the rules for nonprofit organizations requiring new filings by them. Unfortunately, a vast number of small, nonprofits did not get the word and are in the same boat as Voris’ company. I’m a CPA and most of us knew that this type of situation would happen and has happened to many nonprofits. I agree with others that CNA appears to have an agenda and is upset with what Mr. Voris is doing to try to clean up things in the Church.

The problem with these Gossip columns is that they are “high risk”.  They can catapult you into stardom and credibility, but they can also bring you down into the gutter.  You’d better know what the hell you are doing and, above all else, even though your facts might be correct, they had better actually measure up to the level of a “scandal”. 

In CNA’s hatchet job of Voris, it didn’t. It’s unfortunate that CNA has decided to attack Voris because the early results and reactions are not looking too promising for them.

Maybe they should pull the article.

Update: CNA has removed the Comments section from their article because they can’t take the heat from their readers.  

So, let me get this straight:  they have no problem throwing Voris under the bus, but won’t tolerate some tough questions for their investigation and the conclusions and inneundo that they are trying to sell.  Do I have that right, Buckwheat?

Update 2:

Posted by Father Anthony Cekada on Saturday, Aug 20, 2011 8:18 AM (EDT): I’ve been handling not-for-profit and 501 (c)(3) corporation questions for the different churches or organizations I’ve been involved with since 1977. The overlapping federal and state laws are a mess, and in some jurisdictions seem to have been crafted so that you can easily rack up a technical violation by missing a filing, thus allowing the bureaucrats to exact a late-charge penalty for reinstatement. When I dealt with Michigan corporations about a decade ago, this was one of the bureaucratic tricks. This is what snagged Mr. Voris. For the Feds, don’t get me started. The latest boondoggle was requiring most NPCs to file a form called a 990N by June 30 or have exemption revoked. Basically you gave IRS your address. The form name was similar to ANOTHER 990 form that some NPCs did NOT have to file, so many smaller NPCs ignored it, or if their address had changed, they did not of course receive the form requiring them to give a new address. Their exemptions got revoked. These could be reinstated — by paying $800! So on the tax question, I’m on Vorhis’s side. He just got caught by another bureaucratic fundraising scheme. CNA’s sensationalization of this particular issue in the Vorhis case was really unfair.
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One thought on “CNA Disgraces Itself

  1. CNA should be ashamed of itself. Just what we need, Catholics (??) attacking other Catholics. |Mr. Voris is fighting for the life of the Church and this reporter whips up a ‘story?’ out of nothing. The reporter should be fired.

    In Canada we call what he did, libel!

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