Clueless in Canada

Canadian bishops share results of Extraordinary Synod consultation

“We don’t want to simply condemn the culture and present what we already have been presenting,” he said. “We have to find new way to present our teaching.”

Indeed. Well, the first step in recovery is admitting the truth of where the Canadian Bishops stand on Humanae Vitae and what led them to this point in our collective tragedy.

At least there is an indirect admission that the bishops have been essentially clueless since Humanae VitaeThe Winnipeg Statement will do that to you.  Stupid is as stupid does and stupid can’t figure out why everything is a mess.  With all these new high-powered social justice bishops, we can expect more of the same, but on steroids.  The future is bright, for sure!

2 thoughts on “Clueless in Canada

  1. “We have to find new ways to present our teaching.”
    No, instead of changing the packaging, why not return to the Truths of the faith which have been put on a shelf for the sake of modernity and political correctness. Bring back 1)Communion on the tongue 2) Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament 3)Preaching on the reality of Hell & Purgatory in the pulpit 4) Making the case for frequent confession etc. In short, a return to orthodox teaching. Then watch the Holy Spirit act and lives change for the better!

  2. “There was a property Owner,who planted a fine vineyard and built many storehouses.Then He leased it out to tenant farmers,and went on a Journey.When harvest time arrived He sent His servants to the tenants to receive His share of the grapes.The tenants beat one,killed another and stoned a third. A second time The Property Owner sent servants,and they were treated similarly. Finally He sent His Son to them believing,they will respect The Property Owners Son.’When the tenants saw The Son ,they said to one another.’Here is The One Who will inherit everything .Let us kill Him and then we shall have His inheritance!With that they seized Him,dragged Him outside the vineyard,and killed Him.What do you supposed The Owner will do to these tenants when He comes?”

    What do you suppose will become of the followers of these murderers?

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