One thought on “Climategate Smackdown on the Religion of “Science”

  1. For the past twelve thousand years since mankind has appeared on the earth natural, and industrial caused atmospheric carbon dioxide levels have helped our warm period last this long. Ice core samples have revealed that before humans appeared a glacial event occured about 13000 years ago called the Younger Dryas cooling our climate to glacial temperatures. Ice core samples show that our present warm period is the longest one of the past 426,000 years. We ought to be thankful for living in this warm period of earths history, but we also must be good stewards of our home. I don’t want a low carbon dioxide atmospheric level to bring on another ice age so the wealthy can exploit the poor that much more. In a world without moral absolutes any religion will do and even Institutionalized Darwinian Humanist Atheism “only”is taught by government decree so the poor can continue to be marginalized. In 1964 an average home cost $21,900.00 , but now because of greed the costs are very high in the West as well.

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