Climate change: temperatures everywhere are rising faster than everywhere else

It seems the climate change fear-mongerers have tripped themselves up with exaggerated claims.  It’s not unusual for us to read headlines about a certain region warming faster than everywhere else on Earth.  Typically, such articles refer to the Arctic and are accompanied by cataclysmic predictions of rising water levels.  However, nowadays, it seems that scientists from virtually every region on Earth are claiming that their region is warming faster than everywhere else, which is simply not possible.

This website has compiled a list of such claims.  You’ll be surprised at how many regions on Earth are warming faster than everywhere else.  Of course, this is a mathematical impossibility.  It’s like saying every kid in the class is smarter than the others or that every politician in an election received more votes than the others.  It’s sheer rubbish.  This illustrates the amount of political hyperbole and measuring errors that have infested climate science.  Don’t believe the hype.

3 thoughts on “Climate change: temperatures everywhere are rising faster than everywhere else

  1. That’s a hilarious website. We should never forget that those on the left have no moral qualms with using lies to get what they want. After all, they don’t believe in actual moral laws.

  2. That GW panic crowd seem to be on the run these days. As more and more people spread the word of their nonsenses, they’ll need to find another scare to herd people along the chosen path.

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