Clearing Away The Deadwood

…At the same time, trustee Jane Michael, who backed the pro-family policy along with Anthony Danko, told those gathered that she received over 200 phone calls and e-mails on the issue, “predominantly from Halton asking me to keep the policy as is.” “If we abandon our Catholic principles, we will have abandoned our partnership with home and church and ultimately what makes us unique and different from the public board,” she said.  “We must maintain an equity policy which firmly and explicitly upholds Catholic teaching.” “We owe it to both our homosexual and our heterosexual students to teach them about God’s plan for sexuality and personhood, and help them live a chaste life,” she continued.  “We must continue to ‘walk the talk’ for Catholic virtues. I cannot sell out to the media and public opinion, because I will continue to walk the talk.”… (Source)

Well, there you have it folks. One of the two Halton Catholic School Trustees who remained faithful to Catholic teaching and applied it with her vote.

Why, I wonder, is it so difficult for the Catholic Bishops of this province to do the same?

Ms. Michael did hit on something very relevant too.  She said that if Catholic schools abandon Catholic principles, there is really no difference between the Catholic Board and the Public Board.

My dear parent, there is going to come a time (and it’s likely already here), that it will be detrimental for you and your children to keep supporting the idea of a publicly funded Catholic School System.  You see, as long as it is still kicking around, the bishops have no reason to GRAB A CLUE and SOME RESPONSIBILITY and provide genuine Catholic education.   Why?  Because when you come to your local bishop with tears in your eyes because of the garbage your children are learning in school and plead with him to set up another school system , he will wring his hands and say – with a straight face no less – that we already have a Catholic school system.  And he’s right.  He controls the word “Catholic” in his diocese. 

But if that “Catholic” system were to fold into the public one, well, then it’s a whole new ball game.  According to canon law, the bishop MUST provide Catholic education:

Canon 802 §1 If there are no schools in which an education is provided that is imbued with a Christian spirit, the diocesan Bishop has the responsibility of ensuring that such schools are established.

In other words, if you see the Catholic system is dying and there are calls for amalgamation, don’t object to it. Let it roll.  Your salvation has arrived – for you and your children!  Because the very next day, you can be at the Bishop’s doorstep, Code of Canon Law in hand, and ask him to do his duty.  He’ll sweat, of course, because it will likely cost his budget a lot of money, but a genuine Catholic system might be right around the corner.  As a bonus, maybe there will be less money for social justice partnerships and anti-water bottle campaigns.

Sometimes the deadwood has to be cleared away before the flowers can bloom. 

Here’s some comic relief for our readers….

Can. 804 §1. The Catholic religious instruction and education which are imparted in any schools whatsoever or are provided through the various instruments of social communication are subject to the authority of the Church. It is for the conference of bishops to issue general norms about this field of action and for the diocesan bishop to regulate and watch over it.

§2. The local ordinary is to be concerned that those who are designated teachers of religious instruction in schools, even in non-Catholic ones, are outstanding in correct doctrine, the witness of a Christian life, and teaching skill.

Can. 805 For his own diocese, the local ordinary has the right to appoint or approve teachers of religion and even to remove them or demand that they be removed if a reason of religion or morals requires it.

Can. 806 §1. The diocesan bishop has the right to watch over and visit the Catholic schools in his territory, even those which members of religious institutes have founded or direct. He also issues prescripts which pertain to the general regulation of Catholic schools; these prescripts are valid also for schools which these religious direct, without prejudice, however, to their autonomy regarding the internal direction of their schools.

§2. Directors of Catholic schools are to take care under the watchfulness of the local ordinary that the instruction which is given in them is at least as academically distinguished as that in the other schools of the area.

One thought on “Clearing Away The Deadwood

  1. The late professor Tom Landers taught the meaning of Selective Stupidity. Secular Pagan thought has been welcomed in by so-called Catholics. Are there any strong believers left to turn this around except these two? If we want a majority of traditionalists on our boards we must not waste our vote, but vote for them and not the rotters.

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