Cleaning House Down Under

A day after Bishop William Morris of Toowoomba [Australia] said he would retire early following an apostolic visitation, Pope Benedict XVI removed him from office.

The May 1 retirement announcement and May 2 removal followed an apostolic visitation led by Archbishop Charles Chaput. In a 2006 pastoral letter, Bishop Morris had expressed support for women’s ordination.

Following his removal, Bishop Morris blasted the Vatican for conducting an “Inquisition.”

“I believe there is creeping centralism, a creeping authoritarianism and fallibility in the way the church operates and discusses issues,” he said. “It is not just Pope Benedict: it is the whole Curia, with Benedict as the leader.”

“It was like the Inquisition,” Bishop Morris added. “He [Pope Benedict] was immovable. There was no dialogue.” [Socon or Bust:  Yeah. That’s why he is called “Rock”.  Kinda goes with the job.]

“It has been my experience and the experience of others that Rome controls bishops by fear, and if you ask questions or speak openly on subjects that Rome declares closed, . . . you are censored very quickly, told your leadership is defective . . . and are threatened with dismissal,” the prelate told the priests of his diocese. (Source)

These liberals just don’t get it.  There are things which the Catholic Faith will not jettison to serve a corrupt culture. There are certain non-negotiables, elements which are central to the Faith.  This bishop obviously does not understand that an all-male priesthood is one of them.

That’s why this man and many like him in the leadership of the Church are not even Catholic anymore.

The rebellion is now beginning, and more treachery will follow in the coming months and years.

Sadly, it has begun. But there is a relief and even a sense of joy about it.  The Church is being purified.  Thanks be to God.

p.s. Rome has been dialoguing with this bishop for 5 years.   Just how long does it take for him to be satisfied that there was “dialogue”?  5 years? 

If it were me, the conversation would take about 5 minutes, including the processing of the walking papers.

One thought on “Cleaning House Down Under

  1. Would that this house cleaning were happening here in Canada (especially in Quebec).

    How long do we lay faithful have to put up with shepherds who say “Peace, peace” when there is no peace?

    BTW, what has come of Raymond Gravel’s meeting in Rome?

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